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9 exciting ways to sell a boring product:

The fact that you're selling something boring doesn't mean it has to be seen as boring It's all about the story you tell:

1. Founder's Story Do you have a cool rags-to-riches story? Use it as a marketing tactic

2. Meet The Team Everyone likes to feel like they're talking to humans, not companies Show them how "this team is working hard from all over the world to get you the ugliest Christmas sweaters on time"

3. Employee's Story Same as founder. But this one hits even harder.

4. Testimonials People trust other people, so leverage it. Pro tip: Make your testimonials feel genuine Less "I highly recommend xyz..." More "holy shit dude this is amazing"

5. Incentive to Reply Maybe if they reply with their astrological sign, you'll send them the necklace that most Scorpios buy (that helps them attract xyz) Be creative bro

6. Problem-Solution Story Paint your product as the solution to a pressing problem

7. Customer highlight Everyone has a certain "superfan" that will buy anything they put out. Use the shit out of their testimonials.

8. How-To Tips This is why those DIY videos explode on YouTube: People like to create things. Show them how YOUR product leads to THEIR masterpiece. This one is underrated...

9. Incentive to refer If they buy this, they can give one away for free. Or refer this and you get X% off your next purchase Or send this link to 5 people and you get $50 off next time Be creative bro

The real magic is when you stack these stories together and create brand new ways to market Because that's what the best marketers are: They're creative bro

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