sakukomo, nsfw, university au komori and kiyoomi were in the library studying for their upcoming exams. they had been at the library for about an hour now. "this is too hard" komori said as he sighed in frustration. kiyoomi looked up from his laptop and at komori.

"what question are you on?" kiyoomi asked, getting up from his seat. "number twelve" kiyoomi walked over to the other side of the table and leaned over komori, looking at his laptop screen. "oh, the answer is C" komori looked up at kiyoomi, their faces were inches away

from each other's "how did you do that so fast?" kiyoomi chuckled "because i did this already" komori looked back at his screen and clicked on the answer, it was right. "oh! thanks kiyo" komori didn't notice that kiyoomi was still standing there until he felt a hand on his

thigh. "why don't we take a break?" komori already knew where this was going. "kiyo..we have to work on this" kiyoomi wouldn't budge. he was tired of staring at a screen and trying to figure out what his psychology homework was about. "but im horny~"

komori sighed, getting up from his seat and looking around, making sure no one was around. he pulled his pants down along with his underwear and leaned over the desk. "you can fuck me while i work" kiyoomi was more than happy to use komori as his toy.

so he didn't waste any time aligning himself up with komori and forcing himself into him. komori tried not to moan as he felt kiyoomi go deeper inside of him. "fuck you're tight"

kiyoomi worked up some saliva and spit it out before going any deeper in komori. ~ as kiyoomi fucked komori in the back of the library, he couldn't stop whining as he felt komori's hole get tighter. "hah ha~"

komori let a few moans slip out as he propped his leg up onto the desk. "c-cum in me" kiyoomi went faster as he heard those words from komori. kiyoomi came quickly after, releasing inside of komori then taking a step back to watch komori as he shivered and twitched.

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