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I found a new method to charge clients $10,000 consistently. I've never shared it with anyone. And you've never seen it. Because nobody does that. And... It's easier than getting $500 clients -- if you have only 2 skills and read one book: >>> A Thread 🧵<<<

I'll start off with saying that in the near future I'll charge $10,000 teaching this to my inner-circle students. And I'll delete this thread in 28 hours. Yes. It's that good and luxurious. So... I ask you one thing in return to this information. Retweet this thread. Now:

Let's start with the logic behind this: If you want to charge clients high-ticket prices you only need three things in general: 1. A market that has money. 2. Knowing how to reach them. 3. A unique offer that would make them drool. That's all. And that's what we're gonna do.

Let's start with a market. Startup owners who have raised money and are actively trying to acquire customers. Preferably SaaS B2B (business to business). They all have the same problem. They can't acquire enough customers for a good price. And there's a reason:

The reason is that they don't understand conversions. The people in charge of their marketing are usually VP marketing "old horses" who know nothing about "our world" on this side of Twitter. They don't know Russel Brunson. Or Alex Hormozi. Or Jay Abraham. Ridiculous.

So what happens is they have HUGE budgets. HUGE. All of them spend 6 figures a month on ads. And... Usually it costs them a fortune to convert a client. The last startup I spoke to? They spend $500 to convert a free trial client. Freaking ridiculous. And...

I promise you that if you know a thing or two about conversions you can convert the same client for $250. Or less. Someone who's good? Can convert the same client for $25. Not kidding. Not exaggerating. So... The moment you understand that? You see there's a gap in the market.

And the gap is created because they have ONE model they work within. A B2B-style landing/sales page with a button on top and a bunch of features scattered around the page. No desire. No storytelling. No pain. No empathy. No copywriting. No optimization. NOTHING. So...

If you can lower their cost per acquisition? You can charge $10,000. AND A LOT MORE. Think about it logically. If they spend $100,000/mo? And you get them the same result for $50k? You just earned them $50,000. They would be stupid not to pay you $10,000 in return. Now...

How do you fulfill that service? You need three things: 1. Understand copywriting. 2. Understand sales pages and funnels. 3. Understand great offers. Here's how you learn all three: 1. Keep following me and read books. 2. Read my threads. 3. Read $100M Offers By Alex Hormozi.

I've spoken to 10 startup owners this last week. They all drooled when I told them what I can do for them. Got 10 yes out of 10. They all wanted to work with me. Money wasn't even an issue. But there is one thing you need to understand about those clients:

They have been burned by agencies. A lot. So you have to structure your offer to them in a way that's result-based. "Pay me nothing. If I can lower your cost per acquisition by 100% pay me $10,000". And then? You keep them on retainer while you keep optimizing their assets.

They suck at everything online. Ads. Emails. Upsells. Cross-sells. Onboarding. User-journey. Social. Offers. They suck at it. It's weird... I know. But it's the truth. So remember my promise? You need two skills and one book to do this:

The skills: 1. Copywriting. 2. Cold outreach. The book: $100M by Alex Hormozi. That's all you need. And if you already have those? You can literally send 50 cold emails today and land a $10,000 client. But beware of one thing when you get on the call with them:

Your knowledge far exceeds their VP marketing guy or girl. So you pose yourself as a threat. And if the VP says you're full of crap? The CEO will probably go with them. So here's what you do: Lower your ego. Boost the VP's ego. How?

Keep telling him that you're just a little a small part of a big machine which he controls. "I only help with acquisition". "I don't understand team management and task management and the big picture and investors etc". "I'm only here to give you a boost with your acquisition".

The moment you've disarmed the VP? It's smooth sailing. They can't say no. You're literally Christmas that came early. A gift from heaven. I hope this makes sense. And even more than that? I hope at least 1% of the people reading this will implement. Now...

One last thought: If you do this and you get resistance? You might... You need to show them a case-study. One. If you don't have one or can't create one? FIND ONE. Find a B2B SaaS that has a non-B2By landing or sales page. Find one that has a page like you wanna build.

And trust me. There are some in the market :) I know because I'm currently working with some. Obviously signed killer NDAs with them so I can't share... But you can find some. Try first without. If you hit a brick wall? Find some.

Lets recap: • Learn copywriting + conversions + offer creation • Find startups who have raised money and are currently running • Offer a risk-free way to hire you with "if I don't do X - don't pay me" • Disarm the VP marketing guy • Provide result • Keep them on retainer

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