♡kenma’s girl♡

♡kenma’s girl♡



cw// miyacest, underage nsfw ish so im thinking about the time Osamu told Atsumu he wouldn’t continue playing volleyball and Atsumu just looses it, yelling so fucking angry at him, throwing punches, scratching until Osamu grabs him so tight he cannot do anything but twist,

but then he looks at the blonde and realises he’s crying, tears rolling down his cheeks and tiny hiccups he tries to hide from his twin. He is so upset he cant control it. So Atsumu keeps trying to scape Osamu’s embrace until he feels something hard pressed against him,

he lowers his eyes just to see Osamu’s half-hard cock rubbing against his own, he doesn’t say anything but the low moan coming out of his mouth gives his younger brother the green light to carry on and before he knows he has Osamu pounding into him nonstop

“If you wanted this so badly you could’ve just say it, no reason to make a scene huh Tsumu?” // end yeah this is how i think it went, is actually my first time writing something like this and english isn’t my first language so, sorry if this isn’t good

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