SakuAtsu royalty au cw - omegaverse — Kiyoomi is the perfect soldier. He’s disciplined, fearsome and devoted to serving the King. Well, it appears that way. Kiyoomi’s true allegiance lies with the beautiful omega prince, locked away in the chambers behind him.

Kiyoomi had known Atsumu since they were pups. They used to play in the courtyard of the palace— chasing each other and sparring each other and scenting each other. It hadn’t occurred to Kiyoomi back then, that one day Atsumu could be torn from him.

It had happened so quickly. One day, he had been resting on Atsumu’s lap, listening to him weave stories of grandeur. And then the next he was gone. Turned out the pride and joy of Inarizaki, the golden prince, had presented as an omega. ‘A great shame’ they had said.

Kiyoomi hated it. What did it matter what Atsumu was? What he had despised even more than the bigotry of the royal court was the newfound distance between him and Atsumu. He had been locked away, out of sight of the public. ‘He must be so lonely’ Kiyoomi had thought.

So, he had made his decision right then. He would train day and night to become the strongest soldier of the royal guard. He needed to be by the prince’s side. But now that he’s here, right outside Atsumu’s chambers, he’s beginning to regret. — nsfw, voyeurism, wet dream

There’s a sweetness in the air, lovely and addicting, Kiyoomi can hardly stand it. It’s coming from Atsumu’s chambers. The alpha guard is disciplined, but even he has his limits. His skin is itching. He wants to get closer, breathe in more of that taunting scent.

He tells himself he is to remain at his post. What if someone walks by and catches a whiff of Atsumu’s scent? What if they try to enter? What if they try to lay a hand on him? Kiyoomi can’t let that happen. He won’t let it happen.

But Atsumu smells good, so so good. If his scent is this powerful even with a stone wall and door between them, what is it like within the confines of his room? No one ever walks these halls. In all the days and weeks and months Kiyoomi has stood guard, he is yet to see a soul.

Surely, he could step away for just a moment? Only to crack the door open. To check on Atsumu. Make sure he’s alright. Yeah. Before he can talk sense into himself, he knocks on the door. Once, twice, three times. “Atsumu?” When he gets no answer, he opens the door.

Peach permeates the room, so strong and saccharine it almost brings the alpha to his knees. “My prince?” Kiyoomi whispers. The omega lies in his bed, seemingly slumbering peacefully. Despite himself, the guard inches closer, his fangs aching to a nearly painful degree.

As Kiyoomi pushes the veil of the canopy aside, he sighs. The prince is breathtaking, as always. His golden mane sticks to his forehead, a glimmer of sweat trailing down from his temple to his cheekbones. His plush lips are parted ever so slightly. Kiyoomi yearns to kiss them.

As if in a trance, the alpha cards his fingers through Atsumu’s hair. The air grows even thicker with the smell of peach, as well as the slightest hint of Kiyoomi’s own clove scent. A faint whimper brings the alpha out of it just a little. Kiyoomi blinks dumbly.

Atsumu whimpers again, louder this time. It’s the most beautiful sound Kiyoomi has ever heard. Then, he smells it. Slick. “Atsumu,” he whines, pained and breathless. He should leave. He shouldn’t be here. But the alpha doesn’t move. He can’t.

It’s as if his feet are planted firmly into the floor, keeping him right here. It’s blissful torture. He’s panting now, nearly tasting Atsumu on his tongue. His fangs have escaped the confines of his gums, begging to claim, claim, claim. He shouldn’t be here. He can’t be here.

“Omi-“ Dark eyes widen comically wide, the high of smelling and tasting and seeing Atsumu like this crashing as soon as his name leaves the prince’s lips. Kiyoomi searches frantically for an excuse for his presence. He fully expects to be reprimanded for this. He should be.

But it never happens. Atsumu stays asleep. No words leave the prince’s lips, only little gasps and groans. A different kind of panic flourishes then. Is Atsumu…is he? ‘claim him’ “O-omi…” ‘claim him. claim, claim, claim.’

With every bit of strength he has, Kiyoomi forces himself to move. He rushes for the door, holding his breath. He shuts the door behind him with a bit too much force. A powerful waft of peach nearly burns his throat as he finally allows himself to breathe.

As he slides down the door, frazzled and unnerved, he comes to a realization. Something he really should have known sooner. Miya Atsumu will be his downfall. —— It’s my first time writing A/B/O. Please bare with me. Also, fear not! More simp alpha Kiyoomi content coming soon.

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