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It was always so confusing to me when I bought agency or marketing courses when I was younger “Okay I know how to do this but how do I get people to pay me” “Oh you just make ads or send emails” It doesn’t work like that

Yes, obviously you push traffic to the offer But a logical human (prospect) is going to ask 1. “What specifically do I get” 2. “How do I know it’s going to work” 3. “What’s your track record, has it worked for other people?”

This was never addressed by other people. They always frame it in such a fashion “just send more traffic” Like, no. We have to address this

So the first agency I ran was an Instagram growth agency. I NEEDED the track record, so I pitched the service for free to like 200+ people and got 5 to do it. I worked with them for free for 3 months just to get the before/after shot of their follower count

Now the track record question was resolved. But they needed to be certain of what they’d receive. So I made a guarantee of minimum followers they’d gain in a month. There was a 500 and 1000 followers per month package each with a guarantee

Whenever I engage in selling some offer my only job is getting the social proof. You don’t just skip over that Every human on earth is asking the same question “How do I know this works” You don’t just get to skip over that

“Just send more traffic” is the strategy people use when they’re trying to get the tiny subsection of people who will blow money at everything irregardless of data You’re eliminating 95% of prospects

If you simply address the question and have it answered you will make more. “But that’s going to take so much time” Yes, correct. How bad do you want it?

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