the relationship between imagination & reality: a thread.

we are taught to not live in our imagination because it’s “fantasy” or “unrealistic” without realising our entire life came from it. the majority of our time is spent in imagination, more than we think. from what we decide to eat, feel and think. that’s all happening in our mind.

many people here might be scared to live in imagination and this comes from you thinking that reality is separate from you and lives outside of your mind. it does not.

if we know that reality is a reflection of our mind, then the two are connected. the imagination we tell you to live in, is the reality you see “outside” of you. it’s a reflection of it. a past one. live in your imagination because reality IS your imagination.

“but im scared if i live in my imagination, what if something else happens?” that’s u still misunderstanding the connection between reality and your mind. they are not separate. your imagination is the 3D, it is the reality you see because the outer reality is just a reflection.

i was in the shower today and i said to myself “but the reality you see that you think is outside of you, is your imagination” the outer reality and the inner reality are one. it makes perfect sense to live in your imagination because that is all reality is anyway.

if the outer reality reflects our inner reality, if the physical world reflects our imagination then the outer reality IS OUR IMAGINATION. it’s not a different world living a separate story that you’re telling, IT IS YOU.

we fight so much in our mind, we worry about reality and all these exhausting things without realising we are the reality, the reality is in our mind. when you see the outer reality, it’s not separate and working on its own. it’s working through you.

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