SkTs Possessiveness NSFW Sakusa was counting down the seconds in his mind. The waitress had already brushed his arm several times, had refilled his drink more than anyone else’s, and continued to flash him as much skin as she possibly could. Atsumu had been circling

them for a while. Socializing like the good boy he was, but keeping an eye on the situation. Sakusa knew they were seconds away from a scene. As the waitress was called over to the next table, Atsumu dropped into Sakusa’s lap. Legs over his thighs, facing him. His eyes were

like melted gold, but they shimmered with intensity. Atsumu bit at the hinge of his jaw, breath harsh in his ear. “Why don’t ya just go fuck her in the bathroom like she’s begging for?” Atsumu’s hips churned against his, cocks sliding in their dress pants. “Bet ya’d love to

get yer tongue in her. Feel her wet pussy clenching around it.” Sakusa pulled Atsumu’s hips closer, letting him bite harder into his throat. “You jealous little thing. When you know I only have eyes for you.” It was true. Sakusa could never think of anyone else. He was wrapped

firmly around Atsumu’s little finger. A thing the blonde was very aware of. “I should fuck ya right here. Make her watch as ya make a mess for me,” the threat wasn’t idle, he was already leaking messily where Atsumu was still rutting against him. “Let her know what a fucking

slut you are.” Sakusa’s fingers spasmed, throat bobbing. His legs spread a little wider. “You know you’re my everything, baby,” he tried to reason. “Let me take you home. I’ll make you cum on my tongue all night.” Atsumu’s teeth sunk deeper. “But I want her to watch you fall

apart.” Atsumu’s breath was warm and teasing. “For me.” Sakusa’s palms were sweating where he held onto his boyfriend’s thighs. He closed his eyes as he tried to breathe, to think. “Okay. Okay.” Atsumu kept eye contact with the waitress in the low light of the club, as he

continued to ride Sakusa’s clothed cock like he was fucking him. Every moan, every tremor, it was Atsumu’s. When Sakusa came hot and messy between them, Atsumu’s eyelashes fluttered. The waitress’ face was red, sweat beading at her hairline. They didn’t get anymore refills.

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