Everyone wants to be perceived as attractive. But everyone also thinks this is just some genetic curse or blessing, set in stone. This is inherently NOT true. We’re gonna explain why and help you understand how you CAN be more attractive. THREAD ⚡️

Firstly, attractiveness IS malleable. Your physical, external appearance is nothing but a reflection of your internal state, quality of nutrition, and hormonal/neurochemistry function. INSIDE = OUTSIDE This is proven by the discovery of epigenetics, and quantum biochem.

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

Quantum biochemistry is essentially the idea that quantum physics does affect your biochemistry. Waves & particles (light, sound, thought etc) are changing how your genes express themselves, thus effectively changing your genetics as they appear. Read Becoming Supernatural

This concept also applies to exercise. We will get into how to maximize all of this in a second, but firstly I wanted to show you an awesome example of this from our friend @345marcel An excellent example of the kind of changes that are possible if you don't write it off.

So, okay, you want to look more attractive, and you understand it is possible to make huge changes. Now what? how do you start working on it?

Firstly, Leaning out, & quality nutrition Carrying extra fat will make you appear to be less attractive. The leaner you are, the more attractive you will appear. Eating quality nutrients and being metabolically and hormonally healthy will also make you more attractive.

Here's a thread on how you can lean out for aesthetics we wrote you can read after this thread.

But I want to talk more about the nutrition. For many people, there are key nutrients that are stopping them from looking good. Mainly, the fat soluble vitamins that influence bone structure and hormonal function. Vitamins A, D, E & K

These play a role because Vitamin D is crucial in the body absorbing calcium (which creates bone structure, which especially In the face, creates attractiveness) as well as being crucial for proper hormone function, which helps create attractive hair, skin, energy, etc

and for your body to produce, and assimilate vitamin D, you need to have bioavailable forms of vitamin A, D, and K this was a big piece of DDS Weston A. Price's research (god bless his soul) who showed how the modern processed diets were changing the facial structure of humans

the lack of these nutrients in quality, plentiful sources lead to poor hormone/metabolic function, and decrease in bone growth quality (making people less attractive) So how can we get more of them?

Vitamin A- ruminant livers, carrot/sweet potato (orange carotenous vegetables) Vitamin K- creamed leafy green vegetables like broccoli or spinach (heavy cream/coconut oil/butter, all healthy fats, potentiate the vitamin K bioavailability) Vitamin E- soaked/sprouted nuts/grains

But then also- on top of giving our bodies the nutrients necessary to build healthy structure, we need to apply the pressure to do so. That pressure coming from the tongue up to widen the maxilla, and created a bigger jaw. this concept, "mewing" was pioneered by Mike Mew

Which aside from aesthetic gains, also makes you breathe better (opening nasal airways), digest better (chewing mouth closed with your tongue), and make your brain function properly (parasympathetic, non cortisol driven state) its a no brainer

You can also do facial exercises to build up the surrounding musculature (which, like any musculature, atrophies if you don't use it!) If you just hold this tongue posture consistently, and eat real foods that require you to chew, I think it's unnecessary

A good supplementary practice would be to chew Mastic Gum The best brand I've used is @GrecoGum Giving your facial structure a solid challenge Raw milk also has many of the nutrients needed for proper bone development

Lastly, I'll say that having a solid purpose in life, not doing drugs, sleeping well, will change how attractive you look. Your energy radiates, and when you are doing the things you know you need to, you look better. Cut out the personal incongruence and watch what happens.

Many people would also benefit from: eating more saturated fats as this will affect hormone and tissue production getting more healthy collagen from animal sources eating more whole fruit form vitamin C

and really, just knowing that it is possible to look better, feel more confident. Thoughts and feeling create actions, which create reality. You probably just weren't aware to these things for most of your life, but it's not too late to fix!

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