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I don't count calories, make most meals from scratch, and spend less than 37 minutes cooking a day Here's an average day of animal-based eating:

When I say animal-based, I don't mean carnivore. I eaat other foods but prioritise animal-based products for macro/micronutrient requirements. I still consume plants, but see them as supplements rather than food (Herbs, tea, coffee, etc)

A few benefits I've seen from this diet: - Consistent energy throughout the day - No digestion issues - Extremely anabolic (muscle gain is easier than ever) - No cravings - Mental clarity

My Food hierarchy is as follows: - Red meat - Eggs - Organs & Bone Marrow - Raw Dairy (Goat, Sheep, Cow) - Seafood - Seasonal Fruits - Honey - Pressure Cooked Rice - Fermented Vegetables

What you avoid is more important than what you add, so here's what I steer clear of: - All fried food - Gluten - Processed Sugars - Food coloring - Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame, Sucralose) - Glyphosate-heavy produce - seeds, legumes, problematic veggies

Sourcing is important: - Dairy & eggs from a local farm - Meat from a grass fed butcher - Honey from a bee farmer in Tepoztlan - Herbs, tea, and spices from a trusted sourcer - Produce from a farmers market - Vet all supplement brands before buying

I stay strict with this when its easy so I can be lenient when called for (going out, visiting friends, etc.)

I cook most of my food in coconut oil or Ghee. I prioritize saturated fat & cholesterol for hormone production I’ll include vegetables & herbs for therapeutic reasons → Ginger, Oregano, Brocolli sprouts, Turmeric, Chilis etc Alright now to the average day of Eating

I’m a fan of fasting. Great for cognition and metabolic function. Just water, supps, & nootropics on those days Average cognition Stack: - Taurine - Ginkgo Biloba - B-Complex - MCT oil + Ketone esters - Electrolytes (Lots of salt) - Alpha-GPC - Bone broth

I’ll wait 90 minutes before having my first cup of coffee. Super necessary Cold shower & immediate sunlight is a make or break

I’ve overdone fasting in the past, so have been eating breakfast 3x/week or so. Protein & Fat heavy - ~ 250 g of Steak - 4 Eggs - Sometimes bone marrow - Berries & raw goats milk - Bone broth I opt for berries over other fruit in the AM to mitigate blood sugar spike

**Lunch (12-2pm)** I have my first real carbs at lunch as I’m usually working out after - Seasonal Fruit → Oranges, mango, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon - Steak or ground beef - Avocado - More raw dairy - Raw Liver

I’ll also have my second round of supps - Fish oil (1-2g) - Vitamin D3 + K2 - Zinc (20 mg) - Choline - Yerba Mate/Green Tea I rip a shot of Apple cider vinegar before this meal to help with digestion, glucose utilization, and protein breakdown

Post-meal walks are a cheat code. Improve digestion, reduce post-meal fatigue, and balances blood sugar. I always try and move after a meal, even if its just some bodyweight squats

Intra-Workout I’ll usually rip some beet juice with sea salt right before my workout. Nasty pump and I’m actively prioritizing liver health. During my workout I’ll snack on some dates, especially if carb consumption was low that day

**Post-workout meal** I’ll usually go Carb heavy again - Fruit - Rice - Honey - More Steak - Eggs & Egg whites Sometimes I’ll rip some tacos on the way home from the gym. I go to a spot where they don’t use seed oils

I keep fats low for my post workout meal Fats slow down digestion, can delay delivery of protein and glucose to your mooscles

Afternoon snack: I whip up a Raw dairy parfait most afternoons - Raw Yogurt - Raw goats milk - Bee pollen - Raw honey - Berries - Raw Cacao - Cinnamon Tastes incredible, easily digestible & gives me energy for afternoon deep-work

**Dinner:** - 1 Carrot for estrogen absorption - Bone marrow & Rice - Fermented veggies: Sauerkraut, Pickled cucumbers, Kimchi - More steak - Sardines/shrimp/oysters - Raw dairy

If I do eat vegetables, I have them later in the day. I’d rather deal with stomach discomfort at night than before a workout or while being a functional member of society I always make sure to finish dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed

**Before Bed:** I’ll hydrate up and take a sleep tonic, its currently: - Magnesium Glycinate - L-Theanine - Glycine - Apigenin - More bone broth I’ll sometimes have a herbal tea like chamomile or mint with this

All-in-all, I’m consuming roughly: - 150-190 grams of protein - 120-280 grams of carbs (depending on activity) - Lots of animal fat - <200 mg of caffeine

Depending on season, location, & current goals, I'll switch up this diet pretty dramatically. Always experimenting with something new. I'll be updating my diet changes at least 2x/mo so be sure to follow allong (@noahryanco)

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