⚠️ dead dove do not eat; violence; upsetting themes #ktdk #bkdk "how well do you do with blood?" izuku blinked at the question. for a moment he considered asking if he was in the right place because as far as he knew he was applying to be top actor bakugou katsuki's manager.

"blood?" he decided to carefully ask. aizawa shouta, the ceo of yuuei entertainment looked at him dead in the eye. the man looked like he lived 3 lifetimes in one. "yes, blood. are you okay with them? or do you faint at the sight of it?" "uh," izuku cleared his throat.

"i am okay with it," he replied, scratching the back of his head. "i am not really scared of blood." shouta nodded before standing up and grabbing a leather folder on his huge table and placing it down in front of izuku, pushing it. "out of all applicants you are the most —

— qualified," the ceo stated. izuku's eyes sparkled and for a moment he completely forgot about the last question. the ceo then gestured for izuku to open the folder. izuku then grab unto it, opening it. his eyes widened a bit at the contract before but what caught his eyes —

— was the salary. it was big and he didn't expect that. he was not really sure how much managers of celebrities nowadays were paid but he was sure it was not this big. "i... i think you misprinted this," izuku looked back at shouta. "no, i didn't." the ceo assured.

izuku swallowed hard. his throat felt dry. a big salary like this will finally help him make progress in life. "oh, okay," izuku turn to look at the contract again. "it's big because we will be asking something big from you in return," shouta leaned forward, face serious.

"something big?" this interview somehow just kept shocking him. "yes," the ceo replied. "you are not only to work for bakugou katsuki who's schedule is insane due to how much demand there is for him in the market but also..." izuku could feel the sudden tension in the air.

"we're buying your silence." the guy added as he slumped against the back rest of the couch. pulling a pack of smoke from his coat, he grabbed one stick using his teeth. "we need you, i need you, to shut your mouth." he light up his cigarette. izuku blinked.

"i-isn't that what ndas are for?" he asked. "we also have that," shouta spilled smoke in the air. "it says we can sue you and fine you if you open your mouth when not needed." a silence followed. "okay," shouta took a deep breath. "i'll speak to you honestly."

"this job isn't for the faint of heart. when you accept this you'll understand what i mean by buying your silence," izuku watched the cigarette flicked in shouta's lips. "also... even if you decide to part ways with us in months or years, you have to keep your silence."

another silence but this time izuku squirm on his seat at how intensely shouta watched him. "you look like a nice kid but..." the ceo clicked his tongue. "i don't think you'll be able to do this job." standing up, he put out his cigarette on the ashtray and grabbed the folder.

izuku was too surprised to even react and just let the ceo take the folder, shouta looked at the contract himself, closed the folder with a loud snap before placing it back on his desk. "get out," he turned to izuku coldly. "get out, don't and never look back."

"d-does this mean, i failed the interview?" izuku worriedly asked, fidgeting with his hands. "no, this means i am giving you a chance to not be involve in any of this," shouta stated matter-of-factly. "an believe me, it's for your own good." izuku nodded weakly.

but the thing was, izuku was not ready to give up. more than the huge salary, he was actually a fan of bakugou katsuki. from the time he watched his debut film in an indie movie that was a selection for cannes, izuku followed his career. he watched every movie and series.

izuku was never really into celebrities which was why he was surprised how much he was into bakugou katsuki. nowadays, everyone knew bakugou katsuki. not only for his gorgeous face but his overwhelming charisma that just overpowered everyone else's.

but what made bakugou katsuki stood out from the rest was his talent in acting. he somehow always managed to outperform the expectations. his facial expressions were all amazing. the way he delivers his line, his voice, all of them were a work of art. and izuku loved that.

he would lie if there wasn't any ulterior motive why he applied for the job. izuku didn't mean any harm. he just really wanted to help ease katsuki's daily life and help him with his work. it's not like he was hoping that they'll be close but izuku just wanted to... help.

"h-how about a one week trial?" izuku offered hastily. "to see if i will be able to do the work or not." he followed up. "no can do, kid," shouta face was serious. "once you are in, you are in. that's it. if you resign or leave work, you'll have to leave the country."

why? izuku wanted to ask. why go to such extreme length? "or worse," shouta lifted his arm and made a gesture of slitting his throat using his thumb. izuku paled at that. "do you get me now?" shouta asked. not really? izuku just now had more questions.

in the end, izuku could only nod. "if you really want to be a manager, you can try at other entertainment label." he talked as if he was not the ceo of yuuei. "or apply for someone else. never for bakugou katsuki." izuku was trying his best not to say anything only to fail.

"why do you talk like that? isn't he your artist?" "he is, he built this whole place from the ground. he's the company's greatest asset," shouta walked to his seat, slumping. "he's also the company's biggest head ache." their eyes met. shouta offered a tired smile.

"you seem to have this perfect image of him in your mind like everyone else, let's keep it that way. i wish you luck in your future endeavors, mr. midoriya izuku." with that izuku knew he didn't get the job and no matter what he says, he will never get the job.

"thank you so much for the opportunity," izuku bowed down and headed to leave the room. when he opened the door, he was just determined to leave that he collided with someone. he was almost thrown to the floor when he felt an arm around him, securing him in place.

looking up he was met by bakugou katsuki's eyes. "be careful," katsuki stated, gently letting go of izuku. embarrassed, izuku profusely bowed down apologizing for what happened. katsuki just looked at him and izuku started to feel a bit conscious about it.

"you must be the new manager..." katsuki hummed. "ah no," izuku quickly corrected. "i didn't pass the interview." katsuki frowned, he turned to shouta. "is that so..." the blond turned to look back at izuku. "and here i was looking forward to work with you."

izuku was unsure if katsuki was just being kind but whatever it was, izuku couldn't help but blush at what he said and then feel sad upon realizing that he failed to get the job. "u-uh," izuku nervously replied, putting on a smile. the corner of his lips shaking.

"i hope... you find a new manager soon," he continued before bowing down. izuku then turned to shouta and bowed down before he continued to leave the office but katsuki caught his arm, stopping him. "don't you want to be my manager?" katsuki asked with a smile.

izuku's face just turned into a whole new shade of red. he would not be surprised if he was smoking with how hot his skin feels. "i-if given the opportunity next time, i would like to be your manager! i will work hard!" he then backed away, realizing how loud he was.

quickly, izuku bowed down missing the look on katsuki's face who glanced at the ceo before looking back at izuku who's mumbling with his embarrassment. letting him go, "it's unfortunate that you didn't pass." izuku lifted his head, looking at the actor.

"i hope this is not the last time we see each other," katsuki added with a charming smile. izuku blushed once more profusely claiming how he'll continue to support katsuki no matter what. katsuki let out a chuckle at what he said before izuku left with another goodbye.

as soon as he left, katsuki closed the door to shouta's office, locking it. the blond settled in one of the couch, his eyes landed on the cup of coffee on the table. it was left there cold and barely touched but he could see the thin layer of lip balm coating one side.

"i thought we talked about this," katsuki turned to look at shouta. "he's no qualified," shouta responded calmly. "with your schedule and how picky you are, the kid will have a hard time." "hmm," katsuki turned to look at him. "you saw him, he'll do anything."

an amused chuckle left katsuki's lips, "if i tell him to fucking jump or roll over he will." "if you wanted a dog, you can always get one," shouta sighed. "i have a specific dog in mind that i want," katsuki turned to grab the cold cup of coffee.

shouta kept watching as the picky bakugou katsuki who demanded his coffee to be done a specific way took a small sip from the cup. the actor smiled turning to shouta, "i want a dog with green hair and green eyes... and cute freckled all over his dumb face."

the ceo kept the expression on his face but his hand clenched. katsuki placed down the cup, "can you imagine how fucking adorable it is to see him following me around with those huge eyes of him." he laughed amused. "how can you reject him, if he has ears and tails —

— they're all drooping. the guy looked so sad." the ceo was silent before he finally sighed, "what's with him? did something happened between you two? did he do something? katsuki kept his eyes on the coffee, "have you ever seen someone cry so beautifully?"

"big eyes glassy, fat tears rolling down, skin red, whiny," katsuki continued. shouta furrowed his brows. "when i saw him, i got so fucking hard that all i could think was to shove my dick down his throat and make him cry even more." shouta was no longer surprised with —

— katsuki's vulgarity. in public, he tried his best to talk politely or not speak at all but when it's just the two of them, he spat the most heinous things ever. "i want him to choke on my dick." katsuki chuckled. "he'll look so fucking pretty crying with my cum on his mouth."

the ceo sighed, "if you want to fuck him, then fuck him why make him your manager?" "cause i need him next to me all the time," katsuki responded like it was a logical answer. "i want him always following me around." this asshole, shouta thought.

"oh, i know," katsuki smiled. "maybe i should keep him in my house so that he'd always run to me whenever i am back." a pause. "should i just do that? he would look good with a collar around his neck." shouta stood up, he walked in front of his table, leaning against his desk.

"leave the kid alone, katsuki." shouta put his serious tone on. the smile on the actor's face fell. "you don't have to drag him to your mess. the kid has this perfect image of you in his head, don't ruin it. plus do you think he's heart can take it when he sees the real you?"

katsuki laughed at that, standing up, he walked to the ceo. shouta had always been displease by the fact that katsuki was taller than him. "don't worry, he saw the /real/ me already," katsuki smirked. "how else would i know how pretty he cries." shouta paled.

"what do you mean?" the ceo asked. katsuki grinned, "that guy is the only breathing witness that saw zero." his expression turned grim. "so, if i were you, you better beg him to be my manager." the blond then turned around to walk out of the office. "why?" shouta asked.

katsuki looked back at the ceo and shrugged, "i wonder too." he left with that fake smile of his. shouto caught his head the moment katsuki left. he let out a groan. maybe he should just fire katsuki but he also knew he couldn't he knew too much already. he's in way too deep.

• • •

izuku let out another sigh as he rested his cheek on the table. it had been three days since he got rejected and talk to katsuki. god, he had seen katsuki multiple times but never in such proximity. he looked even more handsome and his voice sounded just so good.

his attention darted on the television, sitting up straight, he listened tentatively to the reporter. "at 6 am in the morning, the police found the 6th victim of zero and police thinks there are far more victims," the reporter said. she continued on and izuku listened carefully.

quickly, izuku grabbed his notebook and laptop and began writing down furiously. "the people had been doubting the capability of the police force in finding zero as up until now, the crime scene were left flawless with zero evidence," the reporter ended.

izuku swallowed hard as he also finished what he was writing. he quickly went to his laptop, reading through articles and printing. after he printed them out, he placed it on the huge corkboard in his small apartment. in two months, izuku gathered so much information about zero

he never really understood why the media give serial killers cool names. zero came from the fact that the killer leaves zero evidence in his crime scene which was nearly impossible. there was also no pattern of who he kills or how he kills them. it all seemed random.

it was as if he kills on a spur of a moment but his crimes were too perfect for it to just be an impulse. cracking his fingers, izuku grabbed another laptop and began firing program that allowed him to enter the database that the police has on zero.

izuku had a feeling that they had been hiding information in the public, leading people and zero to believe that up until now they have no evidence against him. the moment izuku got in, he began checking everything fast. "oh," izuku hummed. they assigned a new detective —

— to lead the case. izuku mumbled the detective's name before writing it down. he also gathered all the guy's information before checking the new reports on the zero case. they still have no evidence or lead and there's no witness. izuku was then distracted by the news.

it was a news how bakugou katsuki was set to play his first role as a villain for a film. "i am actually excited," katsuki said in an interview. "it feels like a whole different world that i will step into." izuku quickly excited the programs and gave all his attention on —

— the news. "we heard that your role is a psychopath killer which is very different from the roles you have portrayed so far," the interviewer said. "it is very, very different," katsuki smiled. "but i think i am up for the challenge. let's see what i can do."

"you are known for how realistically you act your characters aren't you afraid that people will really see you as a psychopath?" the interviewer laughed. katsuki chuckled, "funny enough, my company's ceo was worried of the same thing. if people will be convinced..." a pause.

"that only means i did a great job," he flashed that charming smile he was known for. izuku smiled at his television. ah, he really loves bakugou katsuki. the actor just effortlessly brought him so much joy. the news ended and izuku was left to be scour the trending tag —

— on twitter. # / bakugoukatsuki # / new movie! # / zero # / findzero izuku frowned seeing zero and katsuki trend together. he decided to just click on bakugou katsuki and putting zero in the back of his mind. once he was satisfied. he quickly checked some tweets about zero.

@/dy1ng1ns1de • 52 mins ago isn't it weird that there's not a single witness for this case. @/buuuurning • 1 hour ago i doubt he only has 6 victims. people like that started at a young age. for sure he has more than 6 victims. @/vavav00m • 2 hours ago zero is so scary!

when he heard his stomach growled, izuku closed his application and stood up to get his jacket. grabbing his keys he left his apartment placing a stick of cigarette between his lips. lighting it, izuku exhaled, looking at the cloudless night sky. "no witness..." he mumbled.

removing the cigarette off his lips. he wondered what people will say if the police found a witness. he stopped on his track and somehow relived that day like it was just yesterday. izuku remembered how big zero was, how his muscle contracted at every hit he landed.

he remembered the way his black shirt clung into him like its his second skin. the guy moved with precision, pouring every ounce of anger at every hit. it's not true that no one saw zero. izuku saw zero. he witnessed how zero killed someone.

he remembered his warm wet hands wiping his tears away. izuku shook his head and quickly turned around to run back home. in his head the memory of zero covering his eyes played. how he was touched with the blood stained hands. his lips burned of the memory of his —

— searing kiss. izuku barely made it in his place, he closed the door and leaned against it. pulling his dick out of his pants, he began stroking it. thinking of the way zero kissed him. his big hands mapping his skin. they felt sticky from the drying blood.

he groaned at the memory of zero forcing his huge dick inside his mouth and izuku's mouth was flooded of his taste. he was so big that his jaw hurts, his throat hurts. izuku pumped his dick faster, his breathing becoming labored. skin flushed.

he embarrassingly came just when he thought of how zero entered his hole, fucking him with nothing but primal instinct. the killer pressed him against the floor pounding him hard. izuku thought he was going to die that moment but it didn't matter because it felt good.

slumping on the floor, izuku stared at his cum stained hand. there was a moment that izuku tried to crawl away because it was too much but zero grabbed him and fucked him harder. when he woke up he was in this place, rent all paid. izuku thought he was just delirious.

but the small note that zero left confirmed to him that it all happened. [ i'll be back soon. ] izuku kept it. when he ran to go back to his old place and see what happened. the entire old apartment building was burned down to nothing and when investigation came —

— back, it was blamed to a faulty wiring. nothing stated about zero. or about how zero killed mercilessly his then partner who had been abusing him. standing up, izuku groaned as he washed his hands and cleaned himself. he then went out to the convenience store.

coming back to the apartment with food in hand, izuku received an phone call. opening his bento meal, he didn't bother looking at the caller id. "hello, midoriya izuku speaking." "hi, midoriya," a familiar voice replied. izuku frowned. "this is aizawa shouta of yuuei."

his hunger was quickly forgotten as he sat straight. "i hope you haven't signed other contracts," shouta said. "no!" izuku was surprised with how loud he was. "i mean, i haven't signed other contracts." "good, because i want you to come to the office tomorrow." shouta said.

"congratulations, you are bakugou katsuki's new manager," the ceo added. izuku stood up in disbelief. his heart was pounding against his chest. "oh my god," he said in pure disbelief. "thank you so much, ceo. i will work hard to be the best manager!"

"i'm sure you will," shouta replied. "please be here at 10 in the morning, see you." "yes, sir!" the call disconnected and izuku buried his face over his palms. he felt so happy that it's like he's about to burst or something. when he finally calmed down, he then ate.

after eating and happily cleaning. he heard a doorbell. izuku checked his watch and it's close to eleven in the evening. who would visit him at this time? walking to the door, he opened it only to see a huge box and two paper bags in front of his unit.

grabbing them, izuku entered his unit. taking a deep breath he opened the box and saw new pair of shoes, he also checked the paper bags and saw new suit and clothes. there was a small note on the box. [ congratulations on your new job. — zero ] izuku should be scared.

really, he should be. what happened only proved that zero knew everything about him. that he was constantly keeping an eye on him. and just the mere thought of having this notorious serial killer in his back should scare him but izuku didn't feel any of those.

rather, he felt excited and thankful. he felt blessed to not only be able to work for his favorite actor. the actor that helped him through his hard time, the only escape he had when he thought he was living in hell but he also have zero to protect and care for him.

since he lived in his small apartment. he was taken care of. he was given the latest devices to play with. he woke up with fridge and pantry full of food and supplies and he sometimes would see an envelope of cash on his table. zero was the only one who took care of him.

all his life, izuku had to always fend for himself. always has to prove that he has a worth so people will never leave him. but zero takes care of him. he didn't have to do anything, zero still cared for him. izuku smiled, kissing the card. he hoped to see him again soon.

• • •

izuku was up at 6 in the morning so he had time to work on his nerves. he also had time to cook breakfast, clean his place. when he got out to throw the trash, he was met by someone opening the door next to his unit. he knew that unit had been vacant since he got there.

"good morning," izuku awkwardly greeted. "good morning," the guy returned his greeting followed by a yawn. "long night?" izuku asked, smiling nervously. "long week," the guy smiled. "hope it slow down soon." "i don't think so," the guy yawned again.

"then don't let me hold you, you need to sleep," izuku said. "yeah, it's been a while. i finally had the time to find and move to a new place," the guy pushed his unit's door open. "i'm midoriya izuku, by the way," izuku introduced. "shinsou hitoshi," the guy returned.

"nice to meet you." "you too, have a great day," hitoshi entered his place. "sleep well," izuku chuckled. "thanks." when the door closed, izuku then left to throw his trash. he stopped by the stairs, finally remembering why hitoshi's name sounded so familiar.

izuku turned to look up to the staircase. shinsou hitoshi. the new detective tasked to lead the case of zero. the guy was known to have cracked several unsolvable cases. he was working in new york for years but they had to fly him back to japan because of the zero case.

hurriedly izuku threw the trash. he wasted no time to return to his place. he then quickly removed everything that was on his board. everything about zero. he then made sure to keep them somewhere safe together with his other laptop and notebooks.

izuku sighed staring at all the notes zero left him. he probably should burn them but izuku couldn't let them go so he hid them in a wooden box somewhere in his room. now, he had to find a way to tell zero not to go to his place. izuku wanted to cry. maybe he needed to move.

the whole thing put him in distress. he knew it was wrong and zero should be arrested for his crimes but izuku was being greedy and selfish. zero was important to him. he saved him. he took care of him. it was wrong but izuku needed him. he hugged his knees and cried.

izuku had to pick himself up and fixed himself because he knew he still has a contract to sign. washing his face and making sure he looked decent, he put on the new clothes zero got him. looking at himself in the mirror he was so happy. zero knew his size. everything fits well

izuku doesn't even need to look at the price to know it's expensive. the material alone tells him that it was expensive. taking a deep breathe, izuku then grabbed his bag and rush to the door so he'll make it to the train. "i'm off, z!" izuku said before leaving.

the travel to yuuei was just two stations away. izuku could barely contain his nervousness nor excitement. it felt like he was about to throw up at any second. taking a deep breathe, he tried to stay calm. he's going to be bakugou katsuki's manager. the most popular —

— actor in japan, he needed to make sure he has his shit together. walking in the building, he was immediately asked to go to the ceo's office. thanking the receptionist, izuku was quick to go to the office. he gave himself a small pep talk before walking inside.

inside, shouta was waiting by the sofa, staring at the view outside his glass walls. "g-good morning," izuku greeted, bowing down. "please sit down," shouta gestured for the seat opposite him. izuku's eyes landed on the folder on the coffee table. "thank you."

shouta opened the folder and pushed it towards izuku. "the salary offer is still the same," the ceo said. "however as i mentioned last time, this job will open your eyes to a lot of things. the entertainment industry is not as glamorous as the media plays it off."

"i understand," izuku quietly replied. "i expect you to keep your mouth shut," shouta met his eyes. "and even after you work with us." "yes, i promise." izuku looked at him determined. shouta kinda see why katsuki was interested in the kid. he looked naive. innocent.

it was a bit cute. he looked like a kid full of passion. shouta kind of feel bad. until he remembered katsuki's words that izuku was the only breathing witness to zero. of course, katsuki won't call him a witness. shouta was more of an acquaintance.

shouta knew katsuki since he was young. watched him descent into the madness that he was right now. katsuki never really give him any details of izuku being a living witness of zero. he couldn't picture izuku staying quiet about zero. if what katsuki said was true —

— this guy before him would be a national treasure now. he'd be in a witness protection program of some sort. shouta flipped the contract, "there's a new clause added on your contract." he didn't want to say it because he's pretty it's illegal. "you can't just resign."

he was hoping it's a deal breaker for izuku. "oh, that's fine!" izuku happily stated. "i think i won't just walk away from my dream job." izuku pulled a pen from his pocket. "should i just sign this?" shouta just let out a deep sigh, "yes, just sign every page."

"okay," izuku happily sign each pages and all the ceo could think was how the kid was signing his soul away. he kept observing izuku. the way his long thick lashes fall, his skin that was covered in freckles. those soft green curls. he also had a built that shouta likes.

the ceo can't help his thoughts wondering on how izuku would look like naked. his mind wondered at how he would take izuku's clothes of— "careful," shouta was snapped out of his thoughts. he looked at katsuki who settled at the arm rest of the couch izuku occupied.

the blond kept his kind practiced smile, "i know my new manager is adorable... i can practically hear your thoughts, ceo." katsuki placed a hand on the back of izuku's head. the guy flared up. his cheeks flushed bright red. katsuki didn't even give shouta a chance to reply —

— when the actor turned to izuku, "it's nice to see you back. and since you signed the contract, should i call you manager now?" the blond asked. "u-uh, yes!" izuku shyly replied. "that's good then, i am looking forward to work with you." katsuki smirked.

shouta kept watching the interaction between katsuki and izuku. katsuki who had his charming persona on. if izuku could only see the real katsuki. the bad mouth, the rude no bullshit, no empathy guy. he would definitely run far away. his eyes darted on katsuki.

shouta first met katsuki when he was 7. he knew then that there was something different about the guy. he then learned through his mother that katsuki can't process certain emotions and the few he can were all in extremities. being a son of a rich and powerful family —

— katsuki got away easily from the consequences of his actions. at a young age, he has to learn how to blend in with people. faking and showing emotions that were expected of him. shouta was one of the few people who knew the real katsuki.

katsuki who never really felt anything. katsuki who thought how pathetic everyone was. how he could easily manipulate them into however he liked. katsuki who never understood what's not right and what's wrong. the katsuki who acted like this very world bore him to the core.

seeing him have an interest on someone was just bewildering. shouta cant seemed to process the whole thing katsuki gently made izuku look at him, his thumb brushed below izuku's eyes. "did you cry, manager?" izuku looked taken aback by the question. "n-no."

katsuki tilted his head a bit, "you are not a very good liar, are you?" izuku panicked, explaining, "i didn't really cry! i... i didn't." "alright," katsuki replied, placing his hand on top of his head. shouta saw the change in katsuki's mask slip for a bit.

"oh well," shouta cleared his throat. he then grabbed the folder izuku signed. "you will start your work tomorrow," he then handed izuku a new phone with and an ipad air. "everything you need to know and all katsuki's schedule is there. i'll give you this day to check them."

"thank you so much," izuku stuttered, bowing down to shouta. the ceo then turned to katsuki, "you need to leave, you have a scheduled shoot for dazed." katsuki frowned before he turned to izuku. "i'll see you tomorrow, manager," he patted izuku's cheek.

shouta didn't say anything as katsuki left his office. somehow he had idea on what katsuki wanted. he hope to god he was wrong. he looked at izuku who was still in dazed before he looked at the ipad to check everything about katsuki's schedule.

it kind of hurt how naive izuku was. how he didn't know that he sold his soul to the devil. the naivety was charming but shouta felt bad. "i'll see you tomorrow then, manager midoriya." shouta smiled. izuku quickly bowed down thanking him over and over.

getting out of the building, izuku decided to grab a quick bite and a latte in the nearby coffeeshop. he was waiting for his order when someone called his name. "midoriya?" izuku turned to see yosetsu awase. immediately, he paled. "a-awase..." he swallowed hard.

"oh god, i was worried about you after i heard what happened to se—" with his fight of flight response being triggered, izuku found himself quickly running away, forgetting about his order. he ran as fast as he can, never looking back even when awase called for him.

he didn't stop until he reached the station and was inside the train, he kept to himself in the corner, chanting over and over thay he's fine. the panic that rised in his chest was unbearable. he felt his hand started shaking. "zero," he chanted like prayer.

over and over he repeated the moniker the media used for the serial killer that got the whole country wrapped around his finger. he knew zero was heartless. zero was a killer. he probably was the worst human that ever existed. but to izuku, zero was his savior.

when he got off the train, he ran his way to his house. to a place, he knew he was safe. when he got to his floor he bumped into hitoshi. the impact was strong that it brought them to the floor but hitoshi managed to hold to him that the detective crash on top of him.

"shit," hitoshi muttered. "are you ok—" the words died of his lips as he saw izuku crying and shaking under him. "hey," hitoshi carefully pulled him up, to sit down. "are you hurt anywhere... did something happen?" izuku shook his head but he was far from calming down.

as izuku's breathing began labored and he was shaking hard. hitoshi acted fast and pulled izuku into a tight hug, making sure to wrap his arms tight on izuku to calm him down. he kept talking to izuku until he finally calmed down. hitoshi cupped his face, wiping his tears.

"hey, you okay?" hitoshi rubbed his back. nodding, izuku replied with a stutter, "yeah, sorry you had to see that." "it's fine," hitoshi replied. "let's get you up." the detective help him to stand up. izuku kept apologizing and thanking him. "why are you awake already?"

hitoshi sighed, "work." "but... it's only been 4 hours or 3?" the detective shrugged, "that's how it is." "that's tough," izuku muttered. "i'm used to it." a weird silence followed. hitoshi then pulled his sleeves and wiped izuku's face much to the latter's embarrassment.

"if something happened, you can always talk to me okay?" hitoshi offered. "thank you, you're kind," izuku pulled away. "i'm not really kind." izuku just looked at him when the guy's smart watch beeped. hitoshi glanced at it, brows furrowing. "i have to go."

"uh, yeah, have a good day at work?" "thanks," hitoshi left, pulling his phone out, calling someone. izuku followed him down. he kept his eyes on him until he's by the parking lot. the guy rode a black matte big bike, putting a black helmet with purple accent.

izuku quickly entered his place. he grabbed his laptop from one of his kitchen cabinet and pulled his programs up. hacking effortlessly to the their country's supposedly most secured system. he let out a hum, reading the development on zero's case.

it seemed like they found a pattern with the victims. izuku read the observation. he stood up from his kitchen floor, running to his room to get his analysis notebook only the sight of a huge box on his bed stopped him. zero sent him something? excited, izuku ran to his bed.

izuku nearly squealed when he heard a small meow. looking at the box he found a small white british shorthair kitten. it looked up to him with its big blue eyes. "hey," izuku pulled the kitten into a hug. and it snuggled to him which made him smile.

his eyes darted on the card inside the box. [ babi will company you for now. don't cry again unless i am there with you. — zero ] izuku smiled before looking at the cat and saying hi to it. the doorbell then rang as izuku answered it still with babi in his arms.

it was a delivery of supplies for babi which izuku happily accepted. he then set everything up, completely distracted. when babi fell asleep, izuku grabbed his notes about zero and started comparing their observation only to deem the whole thing wrong.

it was off and was reaching. izuku sighed in disappointment before closing the laptop and tucking it on a different place this time. he also put his notebook away somewhere safe. changing his clothes he began to study bakugou katsuki's schedule while he played the guy's last —

— movie in the background. sometimes izuku would say katsuki's line with him. that's how much he watched the movie already that he came to memorize the lines. he grabbed a new notebook after he placed a food order and began taking notes for his job. determined to do his best.

that night izuku slept with babi next to him. setting up all his alarms. he also made sure to do all the necessary preparation. in his deep sleep, he didn't notice the door of his apartment opened at almost 3 in the morning. katsuki removed the cap off his head, followed —

— by his sneakers. he walked inside the apartment, checking everything. entering izuku's room, the kitten woke up and meowed a bit. katsuki patted it's head, placing a finger in front of his masked covered lips telling it to stay quiet. the cat stopped meowing.

sitting down on the edge of the bed, katsuki noticed a small note on the bedside table. it was folded in have with only the letter z on top. reaching for it, he opened the letter which contained a simple qr code. katsuki raised an eyebrow, amused.

pulling a spare phone, he scanned the code and it lead him to a link. clicking on it, it downloaded something on his phone. katsuki clicked the file and it showed a warning that he only has 5 minutes to see the message. when he clicked okay, a document opened.

it was a simple message. [ zero-san, there's a new lead detective to your case. his name is shinsou hitoshi... ] there was a photo in the document together with a summarized information about the detective from new york and his trail of amazing works.

it ended on a note that izuku was advising him not to send or visit him for the mean time because shinsou hitoshi recently move to his place. [ ... don't worry, i'll be fine. i got a job as bakugou katsuki's manager! i will do my best. you helped me a lot, thank you so much. ]

katsuki continued to read. [ now, it's time for me to stand up and pick up my life. thank you (⁙˘ᗜ˘⁙) ] in five minute mark, his phone lagged as a window popped up. [ sorry, i have to make sure there's no trace. ] after that the phone just shut down.

it rebooted but got stuck on the loading screen and katsuki knew it's no use. he'll have to throw the phone away. he placed a hand over izuku's head, "aren't you a little genius, hmm, deku." izuku only groaned and snuggled more on his pillow. katsuki cupped his face.

"seems like you have an annoying new neighbor, hmm..." katsuki let him go. his red eyes sharpened as his brain went into full work. he was already pissed with the way he made izuku cry and how he had the nerve to fucking touch izuku. katsuki almost laughed.

him being the lead detective to zero case just made it more fun for him. babi let out a meow and katsuki pat his head. "don't let deku get sad," he stood up and stared at izuku's face. he was nearing his the end of his patience. he went there to get a good fuck —

— but now he's distracted and pissed. should he just go home? slept it off? it had been what since he tasted izuku? katsuki felt like he's a beast about to lose his sanity from his hunger. the more he thought, the more he got pissed. the more his hunger flared.

⚠️ somno; nsfw it's not like he hasn't done this before. sometimes izuku would wake up other times he slept through it. removing his black mask, katsuki reached for the blind fold he kept in his pocket. he placed it on izuku. climbing up the bed, he watched izuku beneath him.

he began roaming his hand on izuku's body. his huge palm stopped by izuku's stomach. "such a shame that you can't get pregnant." he muttered. his fingers slipped inside the band of izuku's short, pulling it off him. "our baby would have looked beautiful with your eyes."

he smirked at the sight of izuku's limp dick. he held gave it a little squeeze. "i would have fucked a baby in you over and over and maybe marry you." moving, he ducked to swallow izuku's soft dick inside his mouth. the sensation of it hardening amused katsuki.

izuku had always been sensitive. reactive. it was as if every katsuki touch just sends electricity in his body. and katsuki found that amusing that even in his sleep. he recognized katsuki's touch. his tongue licked izuku's length as he parted his legs.

tugging the smaller guy, katsuki lifted his bottom a bit before he licked izuku's pink hole. he tasted him several times and katsuki will never get enough. if he could fucking eat izuku he damn would. maybe if izuku tries to leave him, he fucking will.

but no, he knew izuku only has his eyes on zero and katsuki. izuku's heart belong only to zero and katsuki. it's funny how he didn't even make the connection between the two. not after all the data he gathered. not after all the hacking he can do.

but maybe it's what shouta told him that despite how much some people love others they still respect their boundaries. "you don't have that." he remembered shouta frustratedly told him that. "if you want something you'll need to have all of it. no more no less."

was it really wrong? katsuki was an all or nothing guy. what's the point of getting something when he's not getting 100% of it. how the hell was that wrong? katsuki don't hold back so why would he allow people to hold back on him. pulling away he watched his work with —

— satisfaction. staring at the glistening and twitching hole of izuku. "so fucking pretty." pushing a finger inside, izuku groaned. shuddering. "shh, you're fine." he pushed the deeper until it reached his knuckle and izuku's breath was knocked off his chest.

moving his finger, he began to finger fuck izuku who squirmed in his hold. katsuki added another digit and izuku let out a moan. ah, he woke up, katsuki thought. "z-zero-san?" izuku muttered. katsuki didn't reply and continued to thrust his fingers in izuku's tight hole.

izuku gripped on the sheet, he bit his lips trying his best to keep his voice down but zero always knew his spots and in seconds he was just falling apart in zero's hand. he could no longer hold his moans back when his stomach twisted and he's so fucking close.

katsuki let izuku go as he was panting against the bed. scooping the cum that stained his stomach, katsuki brought it to izuku's lips. izuku eagerly sucked on his fingers. fuck, izuku's enthusiasm. his blind faith and that dumb loyalty was just so attractive to katsuki.

he basked in the glory of izuku's devotion in him. since he was young, people had told him that he was sick in the head. katsuki thought otherwise. he was not the one who has problems. everyone else does. hmm, he watched izuku sucked his fingers.

if he's sick, does that mean that izuku was also sick? maybe it's the other way around. maybe it's not him and izuku who has the problem. maybe it's the world. leaning down, he kissed izuku making him moan. katsuki deepened the kiss, tongue dominating the other's mouth.

izuku was so desperate for him and fuck if katsuki didn't find that hot. this guy should have been scared of him. he should be running away. he was there when katsuki killed kaibara sen with nothing but his fist. izuku watched as he crush sen's skull with his foot.

izuku saw him in his rawest. he was the only one who saw him not holding back and trying to blend in the damn society like what his doctor and his parents had been insisting him to do. but instead of being scared, izuku held unto him tight. like he was the god he was waiting.

"zero," izuku shuddered. katsuki kissed his jaw down to his neck, parting izuku's legs, he pulled his throbbing dick off his pants, guiding it on izuku's puckering hole. "please," he loved it whenever izuku was starting to be whiny. katsuki wordlessly slammed inside izuku.

the sensation ripped through izuku. sending electricity to his spine down to the tips of his fingers. his toes curl as a loud moan ripped through the room. it was too sudden. katsuki was too big. izuku felt so fucking full. it was like everything inside him was rearranged.

izuku was gasping for air. his eyes rolled back as katsuki started moving that he started just holding to wherever he can hold. fuck. it's painful but it felt so damn good. izuku felt so fucking alive from all the pleasure and pain every thrust gave him. "z-zero..."

"fuck," izuku let out a loud moan hearing zero growled against his ear. it sounded so primal. and fuck if that didn't made izuku come. he was coming so hard but katsuki was not slowing down and izuku was being pushed to his limit. "w-wait," he gasped.

katsuki just let a growl, his pace turning brutal. tears rolled down izuku's cheeks. the blindfold getting wet. "so good," izuku stuttered. "it feels so good." he was breathless. fuck, katsuki thought slamming harder. deeper. yeah, izuku was definitely sick in the head.

katsuki kissed him hard. their tongues tangled with each other. it doesn't matter. "gonna fucking fill you," katsuki growled. it doesn't matter if izuku was sick in the head. "take it all," he groaned repeatedly. "yes! i want all of it!" izuku held katsuki closer.

if the whole damn world doesn't want izuku because he's sick in the head, katsuki will keep him. he'll take care of him. he'll be the only one izuku will ever need. izuku came undone that it almost feel like all his bones shattered and he's nothing but flesh.

his eyes rolled back behind the wet blindfolds as he felt hot cum flooding his wet tight walls. god, it felt so fucking good that he passed out from another intense orgasm. ah, he wished he could remove the blindfold and look at zero's face.

izuku woke up from his first alarm. he was quick to sit down, looking all over the place. babi who was sleeping next to him, also woke up with a small meow. he quickly got out of bed only to fall on the floor. his knees shaking. oh, it wasn't a dream, he thought.

zero cleaned him up and put his clothes back on. taking a deep breath, izuku pushed himself up and walked to the bathroom to take a quick shower. when he stood naked in the shower, he saw all the hickeys and bite marks zero left on his inner thighs. his cheeks flushed.

shaking his head a bit and decided to move faster. once he was out the shower, he quickly dash to his side table to see if zero got his message. the note he left was gone and he knew zero got the message. izuku can't help but feel sad about it.

he wanted to always see zero even when he can't really /see/ his face but izuku also understood that for his safety he probably won't be able to visit him often. sighing, he just got dress and dried his hair. fixing it before he got babi and himself some breakfast.

after eating, izuku went out to throw the trash. on his way out, he met hitoshi who clearly only got home. "another tough work night?" izuku asked with a small smile. hitoshi nodded, "yeah, someone is making my head ache." the guy ran his fingers through his purple hair.

he then gave a confident smirk, "can't wait to put him in his rightful place." izuku felt his throat tightened. "seems like a huge problem." "oh, he is," hitoshi turned to open the door of his unit. "hopefully it gets resolved soon, you look like you need tons of sleep."

"it will be," hitoshi took a step inside his house. "it's a lot faster than i expected. i am unsure why it took them so long." izuku froze on his place. his heart thundered against his chest. forcing a smile, he replied, "that's good to hear."

"don't let me hold you back," izuku then walked past him but stopped on his track when hitoshi spoke. "your boyfriend dropped by last night?" he asked. izuku turned to him, their eyes met. hitoshi smiled at him as izuku felt his stomach twisted.

izuku was about to speak but hitoshi pointed out the side of his neck. instinctively, izuku pressed his hand on his neck. hitoshi chuckled as izuku turned a new shade of red. "i'm looking forward to meet your boyfriend one of these days," hitoshi added.

izuku tried to reply to him but hitoshi just said he'll he going inside to get some decent sleep. "good night," izuku just smiled weakly. "good night, izuku," hitoshi closed the door behind him. he let out the breath he was holding before he forced himself to move.

it took him almost 30 minutes to get his bearing back. when he was calm enough he grabbed his bag and went to yuuei to get the keys of the van he would be driving for katsuki. it's one of the things he had to learn before he submitted his resume to yuuei. he made sure he —

— was a good driver and that his parking skills were great. when he got to yuuei the reception handed him over all he needed. he also needed to sign certain forms for all the company items he would be using. "here's your calling cards," the lady smiled at him.

all thoughts about hitoshi washed away at the sight of his own calling card. he started at his name with the word manager on it. izuku couldn't believe it, he's really bakugou katsuki's manager. "thank you," izuku was quick to leave because he needed to pick katsuki up.

before he stopped at katsuki's place, izuku made sure to order coffee for the guy and had it made to his preference. he also got him some freshly baked bread and his favorite salad. izuku nervously got into katsuki's unit which was in one of the most expensive buildings.

when he got there, he knocked and waited. katsuki opened the door, half naked with only his towel wrapped around his waist, hair still dripping wet. "manager," he smirked. "good morning," izuku bowed. "get it," katsuki walked back inside. izuku stared at the long red marks —

— decorating the guy's broad back. they look fresh and it was like he just got them. so, izuku guess bakugou katsuki was dating or... like the rumors around him... he slept around. katsuki looked back at him, "is there any problem?" he asked. izuku shook his head.

"i-i got you coffee and breakfast," izuku changed the topic. "thanks, aren't you the sweetest?" the blond smirked. "just doing my job," izuku swallowed down, placing everything on the table. katsuki took one of the seat as izuku prepared the food. "hey, manager," he called.

"uh, yes?" izuku placed down the food in front of katsuki. "do you, by any chance, have a boyfriend?" katsuki asked, red eyes on him. izuku coughed at the question. he was quick to turn away from the food and cover his mouth. his cheeks turned red even his nape.

"ah," katsuki stabbed his salad. "i guess the manager has a boyfriend." izuku turned to him, face still read. "i..." izuku was not really sure about his and zero's status. would it be presumptuous of him to say they're dating? "yeah, i have a boyfriend." he rubbed his nape.

"what a lucky guy," katsuki grinned. izuku let out a beautiful smile, "i think i am the one lucky..." the actor let out a hum, "what is he like?" his eyes never left izuku's beautiful flustered face. "he's like no other," izuku fidgeted with his fingers. "really?"

izuku nodded. "he's amazing and he takes care of me really well." katsuki chuckled at that, "ah, so manager is a baby?" that made izuku's face more read, his hands flailed around as he tried to explain himself. "it's just no one really take care of me like he does."

"i see..." katsuki began eating. "so if i take care of manager..." their eyes met. "will i be able to steal you away from your boyfriend then?" izuku's jaw drop at that. was bakugou katsuki always this flirty? he heard the guy has a great personality. all his co-workers have —

— nothing but praise for katsuki. he had been in katsuki's fandom for as long as he could remember. the guy was not really talkative but when he wanted to, he can easily steal the thunder from anyone. and he does it so effortlessly. "aren't you dating someone?"

katsuki grinned, "i am." he relaxed on his seat. "you better keep it a secret. the ceo hates it whenever i date." "i won't tell anyone!" izuku quickly quipped. the actor looked at him. "my boyfriend is really adorable too. he loves me so much it's amusing."

izuku may have been a katsuki fan but unlike most izuku wanted katsuki to be happy and he doesn't really think that it was possible for someone like katsuki to be single. admittedly when he was having hard time, whenever he wanted to give up the comfort he only has was —

— imagining being together with the actor. izuku was aware that they were nothing but silly fantasies. "that's good to hear," izuku smiled. "i think you deserved to be given a genuine love. i am happy that you have such a person." katsuki shook his head slightly.

the blond ate his food and izuku settled on the empty seat to check their schedule. he also briefed katsuki about his schedule. "how about you manager, do you love me?" katsuki cut izuku off from telling him about the watch photoshoot he has to do today.

izuku placed down the ipad he was holding. "well, i do... but it's a different kind of love? i think i love you like a fan love their favorite celebrity?" his cheeks were heating as he explained. katsuki let out a hum, he chucked a forkful of salad in his mouth.

izuku then excused himself to prepare katsuki's clothes. for years, izuku had studied katsuki's style so he knew the clothes he will choose for the guy. he laid all the clothes and choose a pair of chunky oxford when katsuki entered the room.

"just as i thought, i don't like it," katsuki spoke. izuku turned to him, blinking in confusion. katsuki walked past him, removing his towel without a single regard for izuku. the manager was quick to turn his back. "i don't like the kind of love you have for me."

"so," katsuki continued to dress himself. "i will steal you from your boyfriend." "please don't say that," izuku replied. "how about you also date me?" katsuki offered. who would have thought teasing izuku was fun? "please consider also the feeling of your boyfriend."

katsuki laughed at that and izuku inwardly sighed knowing that the guy was probably teasing him. izuku was surprised when katsuki hugged him from the back. "it's okay, i know you love me more than that, manager." he landed a kiss on izuku's neck.

before a protest left izuku's lips, katsuki was out of the door. izuku followed and grabbed his things. he quickly cleaned the place before the two of them left for the van. "please don't do that again," izuku said as they got inside the van. "i have a boyfriend." "i know."

katsuki climbed the passenger seat instead of the back seat, izuku was surprised but just let the guy be. "believe me, your boyfriend is more than fine about what i did," katsuki smirked. izuku just sighed, he didn't want to talk about it more.

not when the said boyfriend was the most wanted criminal in the country. they began driving when izuku played music while katsuki scrolled mindlessly through his phone. "the police still haven't made any huge progress with their investigation about zero's case."

izuku glanced at katsuki who was watching a video on his phone. "the citizens continued to live in fear as the killer was still at large." "what do you think about him?" katsuki asked not looking up from his phone. "zero?" "yeah, zero." katsuki scrolled through his phone.

izuku felt his mouth dried. he was never really prepared about being asked regarding zero. he should have been, zero never left the trending topic. people kept his name in their mouth. "i am..." izuku kept his eyes on the road. katsuki tried to keep his straight face.

"are you scared of him?" katsuki asked. izuku shook his head, "not really..." "he could kill you at any time in any way he seemed to fancy." "well," izuku swallowed hard. "that's true but... i mean a lot of things can kill me other than him." katsuki hummed.

"so what do you think of him?" katsuki asked. it would have been easier if izuku could have just said that he wished the police to catch him or any variation of that but it felt like all words were stuck in his throat. when the silence lingered for long, katsuki broke it.

"do you like zero, manager?" he asked. "uh," izuku shook his head. "no... i don't really like him. it's just that i feel like i have a lot of things going on in my life than worry about something like that." katsuki chuckle, amused, "is that so?" "yes."

another silence followed. "if i tell you i am zero, would you believe me?" katsuki asked with a smile. izuku glanced at him before looking back to the road. katsuki let out a laugh. "is it really hard to imagine that i am zero?" "yes," izuku nodded.

"you'll be surprised by a lot of things then," katsuki changed the topic after that and izuku was finally able to let himself breath. he needed more practice with dealing about zero. his reactions and answers were too... guilty and obvious. he will give himself and zero away.

although, even if the police take izuku he was comforted with the fact that he never really saw zero's face. they arrived at the studio and the work quickly began with izuku handing drinks out to the staff while katsuki introduced him as his adorable manager.

izuku never really realized how much work goes into billboard ads or brand campaigns. he just watched in awe as everyone work together. his eyes can't even leave katsuki as he looked so gorgeous posing for the camera. "manager!" katsuki called for him while —

— his glam team was fixing his hair and retouching his makeup. izuku rushed to him with a bottled water and his favorite candy but katsuki ignored those and hugged izuku. "i need to recharge." he smiled, looking up to izuku. everyone let out a laugh thinking how cute it was.

izuku just bared with it with flushed cheeks. katsuki kept hugging him while the glam team adjusted and work on his hair and makeup. "god, have you seen the news about zero?" the makeup artist asked. "the question is who haven't?" the hairstylist sighed.

they continued to talk about zero while izuku tried his best to keep his cool. "what do you think he looks like?" the makeup artist asked. "like me," katsuki replied. izuku turned to him. the blond grinned, "i am zero." the glam team was quick to laugh at his /joke/.

"can you imagine if zero really looks as handsome as you?" the hairstylist asked. "i am pretty sure girls will bail him out even if he deserved to rot in jail or in hell." "sadly that's true," the makeup artist giggled. "they'll start a petition or something."

"it's all fucked up but people are so damn stupid sometimes," the other replied. "i am pretty sure someone out there is romanticizing zero which is sick." izuku realized that as much as he expected this when people talk about zero, he was still uncomfortable about it.

"are you okay?" katsuki asked, whispering. "i am good," izuku replied, forcing a smile out. "you looked like you are hurt," the actor stated. izuku felt more nervous. "you should be careful, it looked like you know zero." "i-i don't know him." "i know." katsuki smiled.

when he went home that day, izuku repeatedly instilled in his head that he needed to stop being affected about any conversation regarding zero. he's putting him in danger and izuku doesn't want to be the reason he gets caught. he slept, hugging babi and missing zero.

• • •

izuku sighed, cranking his neck as he walked towards his unit. lately they had been working long hours as katsuki was finishing a shoot for an upcoming movie. he was not complaining about anything as he get to see katsuki doing his craft and he's so good at it.

his acting was so believable and moving. he even cried at one scene and got teased endlessly. "seemed like i am not the only one working overtime these days," izuku looked at hitoshi who was in a black hoodie and track pants. one hand holding on a plastic of beers.

"yeah, i guess i am really no longer employed," izuku smiled. "how's work?" he walked to his door. "same old, same old." "still have a massive headache?" "unfortunately." izuku opened the door of his unit. "let's hope it gets better." "hey," hitoshi called. "drink with me?"

the guy showed him the plastic. "uh, well," izuku rubbed his neck. tomorrow was his day off as there was no schedule plus katsuki was off to rest as well. "it's my birthday but my family are all in states and i kinda want to have a little celebration." hitoshi smiled.

"i didn't know your family was in states..." izuku swallowed down. today was not hitoshi's birthday. he knew. he read and memorized his files. "a little company will be nice," the detective added. izuku should say no but he also felt like hitoshi was just really sad.

"i'm not good with alcohol though," izuku worriedly replied. "i don't really drink." "just stay with me then?" it doesn't look like hitoshi will let it go. "uhm, how about i change first and then come back?" izuku offered. "sure," hitoshi smiled. "i'll wait then."

he moved as slow as he could, his brain was working full time. he gathered a bit of information about hitoshi. he found some things he can use against him but none of them were detrimental. sighing, izuku pet babi, "i'll be back okay? i am just next door."

there were two things he wanted to get out of this. one, what does hitoshi knew and what was his thinking process. two, why he moved here when the government offered him a better housing in a much better neighbor but he insisted on living in this area instead.

izuku had a feeling that there was something that he was missing and he needed to know what it was. he left his unit and knocked on hitoshi's. the detective's was surprisingly minimal and neat. he expected it to be a bit out of order given how busy he was.

hitoshi gestured for him to sit down and izuku thanked him. he prepared snacks for them. when hitoshi slumped on the floor in front of the sofa, he opened a beer. "you sure you don't want to drink?" izuku shook his head, "thanks for the offer." "i got you cider."

"thanks, that's nice of you." the two of them began chatting about small stuff. their college days even back in their highschool days and what not. they've talked about a lot of things and for a moment, izuku forgot the reason he was there or what he's trying to get.

"i moved here because i know you," hitoshi spoke seriously cutting the silence that filled the place. izuku looked at him. the detective kept his eyes on him. "midoriya izuku, you won tons of hackathon and was considered a genius in computer."

"then one the last semester before you graduate you just disappeared and i ended seeing you again after three years," hitoshi chugged his beer down. "i... i don't know what you are saying..." izuku was really bad at lying. "listen," hitoshi kept his eyes on him.

"i need your help," he added. "i think you are mistak—" "i need your help in catching zero," hitoshi cut him off. "i think you are the only one that can help me in this matter." "i..." izuku choked. "i don't think i can help you. how can i even help you?"

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