1-In 2019 d body of a 20-year-old model from Rajasthan Mansi Dixit was found stuffed in a travel bag in a bush near Malad,M'bai. She was killed for refusing to have səx with 19 y/o photographer Syed Muzammil. He was a pervert & hd called Mansi to his home-studio for d shoot..

2-Upon Mansi's firm refusal, Syed hit her head with a wooden stool, rendering her unconscious.Then he began to rape her,wounding her genital (possibly with an object) during the attempt. Finally he strangled her to death using a rope.

3-Syed stuffed Mansi's lifeless body in a large bag and called a cab.When d cab driver asked why was d bag so heavy-Syed canceled the ride.He,then,booked another cab with the airport as the destination but changed it to the Mindspace area after taking the cab.

4-Near Mindspace, Syed took the bag out, abandoned it near a footpath, and took an auto rickshaw in a hurry. The cab driver witnessed all of it and called the police. They found Mansi's body in the bag and arrested Syed from Oshiwara, who was trying to destroy evidence.

5-Syed's semen traces were collected from his clothes. There were two other women who gave statements to the police since Syed was to meet them as well. Mansi's post mortem reveaked deep abrasios in her genitals.

6-Not surprisingly, Syed's family claimed he was mentally instable & that he had seizures in childhood & had anger issues.He was an adopted child; both his parents claimed he had no control over himself and was abusive to his mother as well.

7-Just a day after murdering Mansi ,Syed had posted a pic of his on IG & captioned it as "never miss a party.. good for the celery"

8-Like his parents,Syed began his own script,claiming Mansi hd threatened him with a false rape case to extort money. It was,Mansi,he claimed who hd infact approached Syed for a shoot.Another time,Syed claimed Mansi was his girlfried. He said her death was merely an accident....

9-Syed and his defense made uncountable stories and claims that didn’t fit. Based on these claims, they sought bail in April 2019, but it was denied. 10- After this nothing more is known about that j!hadi all probability ,he got out citing mental instability.

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