#miyacest Virgin Atsu fucking his sister for the first time and not knowing ANYTHING about sex going in. He knows be has to “stretch” her. Her what? Her legs out…like yoga or something? He wasn’t sure. But Osamu, keeping his inexperience in mind, makes sure she’s all prepped

before she’s sprawled out on his bed. So, he just lubes his cock up and slides into the first hole he sees. He takes Osamu’s gasp as a sign to continue and starts absolutely pounding into the warm, wet heat wrapping around him. She’s moaning out little ‘atsuatsuatsu’s with each

thrust and Atsumu just thinks he’s making his sister feel so fucking good, making her writhe on his cock. Now, Osamu is absolutely panicking because not only did her brother completely miss her stretched cunt, but he’d fucked into her ass, her /virgin/ ass, and bottomed out

immediately. And she wants to scream out at the pain, but honestly, he feels so deep inside her and her ass is sucking him back in with each thrust. She just wraps her legs around Atsu’s waist and grinds him in deeper, begging him to go harder while she flicks her puffy clit

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