Jordan F┃Stock Trader

Jordan F┃Stock Trader



I've traded for 5+ years and gave away everything I know in this one thread Here are 30 of the most valuable threads you'll find on twitter:🧵

Before I start, it would mean a lot to like + RT the tweet above I spent hours of my time writing all of these for you asking for nothing in return Now let's DIVE IN👇

1. How to scale in and out of trades properly

2. The one reason your supply/demand strategy isn't working

3. How I use volume in my trading

4. 10 Tips I'd tell my younger self

5. My pre-market routine

6. Top brokers I recommend

7. Why your account will never hit $100k

8. How I'd grow $1k to $10k in 60 days

9. Interview of @danushman , founder of @TrendSpider

@danushman @TrendSpider 10. How to identify a break of structure (BOS)

@danushman @TrendSpider 11. How to fix your options mistake

@danushman @TrendSpider 12. Futures Vs. Options

@danushman @TrendSpider 13. How to get mentally prepared every day

@danushman @TrendSpider 14. I wouldn't have became a $10k/month trader without this

@danushman @TrendSpider 15. My supply/demand trading strategy

@danushman @TrendSpider 16. If you're thinking of giving up on trading

@danushman @TrendSpider 17. Why you're blowing up trading accounts

@danushman @TrendSpider 18. 5+ years of trading experiance in 9 tweets

@danushman @TrendSpider 19. When it's time to drop the 9-5

@danushman @TrendSpider 20. How to stop overtrading and get rid of your trading addiction

@danushman @TrendSpider 21. How to become a consistent trader

@danushman @TrendSpider 22. How to know when a supply/demand zone will fail

@danushman @TrendSpider 23. How to get into a short squeeze before price takes off

@danushman @TrendSpider 24. Why I'm bearish on crypto

@danushman @TrendSpider 25. How to journal your trades the right way

@danushman @TrendSpider 26. 4 of the top traders on twitter

@danushman @TrendSpider 27. How to know when you're mentally ready to go full-time

@danushman @TrendSpider 28. Why I don't hold any long-term stocks

@danushman @TrendSpider 29. How I turned $2,781 --> $10,000 in one month

@danushman @TrendSpider 30. 5 actionable steps to be more productive

@danushman @TrendSpider Wow what a rollercoaster it's been Thanks for all the support If you're new, follow me @FT__Trading to learn trading strategies and tips I have TONS of cool stuff planned for you all so stay tuned

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