Nsfw fic thread starring Miya "no one has ever made me come” Atsumu and Sakusa "I can make everyone come" Kiyoomi _____ It was supposed to be a normal friday night, a bit of drinking with the team and having fun. What Atsumu didn’t expect was that by the end of the night, +

he would be lying on Kiyoomi‘s bed, overstimulated and coming over and over again. It all started when Hinata announced he wanted to play never have I ever. And of course, no one could say no to the ray of sunshine. +

In the beginning, things weren’t interesting, nothing sexual got asked since everyone was still too sober. But as time passed and the men slowly felt themselves getting drunk, things got spicy quickly. +

It went from "never have I ever owned a dog" to "never have I ever gagged giving a blowjob" in the matter of just a few seconds. And in that exact moment, Atsumu thought it would be a good idea to expose his darkest secret his next turn. +

Don’t get him wrong, Atsumu didn’t take pride in not being able to come from other people‘s touches; he wouldn’t have even told anyone about that issue if he was sober. +

But maybe, his drunk self wanted a bit of validation, people telling him that it was fine and that the right person would make him come one day. Yes, that was it, probably. +

So without thinking further about the consequences his statement would have, he blurted out, "Never have I ever had an orgasm from doing the deed with another person." +

Everyone except Atsumu raised their cups, drinking a bit. Afterwards, a few words of condolence followed his statement, before Kiyoomi exclaimed self-assured, "Bet I could make you come, Miya. Because never have I ever not managed to make my partners come!" +

There definitely was a hint of arrogance in his eyes, but in the end, if what he had said was true, he was allowed to be a bit arrogant about it. To say everyone in the room was shocked by the sudden turn of events was an understatement. +

The sexual tension between Atsumu and Kiyoomi was so thick that one could cut it with a knife. No one even dared to say something, no one wanted to interrupt the spicy conversation. They all just took a sip out of their cup quietly, listening to what Atsumu had to say next. +

"I don’t believe you, Omi! You talk as if you’re some kind of sex god." "Nah, I’m just good at making people come." "Prove it, Omi." "Okay, Miya." +

And with that, the two quarreling men left the room. Luckily for them, Kiyoomi‘s room wasn’t far from where they had spent time, making it easy to prove his statement. +

Closing the door behind him, Kiyoomi asked self-assured, "What do I get when I make you come, Miya?" "First of all, call me Atsumu or you‘ll get nothing. Second… you‘ll get my never ending gratitude." +

The last part of the sentence sounded definitely more serious than anything he had said so far, convincing Kiyoomi to accept the challenge. If he was honest, he pitied Atsumu a bit. "Fine, then. Undress, Atsumu, and get on my bed." +

"Wow, what a romantic." "You don’t need romance to make someone come." And with that, Atsumu did what he was told, not believing that Kiyoomi was able to do what he had promised. But oh boy, was he wrong. +

As soon as Atsumu was on his stomach, ass up in the air, Kiyoomi‘s fingers working him open, he felt like he was ready to come for the first time. Seeing how Atsumu moaned and squirming underneath him, Kiyoomi groaned, "See? You’re already this worked up from just my fingers." +

"I-it’s not fair… you‘re too good with your fingers," Atsumu stammered, trying to look over his shoulders. The sight he was greeted with almost sent him over the edge completely. Kiyoomi was also naked by now, his hard member throbbing between his legs. +

"I played piano, of course my fingers are skilled," Kiyoomi grinned, also immensely turned on seeing his teammate in such a position. There always had been a little bit of tension between them, so it was no wonder that they eventually ended up sleeping with each other. +

"F-fuck, Omi… I want - ah - you," Atsumu begged, moaning as if there was no tomorrow. It was truly the first time he ever felt this way. "Your wish is my command," Kiyoomi groaned, also growing more impatient as the seconds passed. +

And with that, he quickly grabbed a condom and lube, putting both on his dick, to finally line himself up behind Atsumu who was still lying on his stomach, ass in the air. +

Usually, getting fucked didn’t do much to Atsumu. Yes, he enjoyed it, but he never had an orgasm from it. But this time, it was different. Maybe it was the angle or maybe the way Kiyoomi‘s cock was slightly crooked; anyways, Kiyoomi managed to hit all the right spots in Atsumu. +

And when Kiyoomi eventually leaned forward to grab Atsumu‘s upper body, pulling it up, the blonde saw even more stars. Feeling Kiyoomi‘s chest directly on his back somehow turned out to be something Atsumu wholeheartedly enjoyed. +

The way Kiyoomi‘s hands held him steady in place while he fucked into him, quickly, and yet cautiously, made Atsumu even more certain that he would come today. But what he didn’t expect was to come untouched. +

It happened when Kiyoomi‘s skilled fingers finally found their way to Atsumu‘s nipples, pinching and twisting them in ways no one had ever done before. It didn’t even take Atsumu half a minute before he finally released himself, come landing all over Kiyoomi‘s sheets. +

"Ahhhh - Omi," he moaned loudly, eyes fluttering, overwhelmed by his first orgasm introduced by another person. He could not believe what was happening as his legs started shaking from the pleasure. +

Kiyoomi, who had by now stopped moving, nibbled on Atumu‘s ear before groaning, "Looks like we made it." +

Once he came down from his first orgasm, Atsumu nodded, head still in the clouds, before Kiyoomi whispered sensually, "But Atsu… I haven't come yet. So we‘ll just continue, mmh? You want to come a second time anyways, right?" +

And in that second, Atsumu knew that this night was going to be a long one. end.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this! ♥️

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