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I'm 31. When I was younger, I focused on a lot of the wrong things. 20 uncomfortable truths I learned in my 20s (so you can learn from my mistakes):

1. Amateurs love prizes, pros fall in love with processes. The guy with the goal of finishing one marathon falls back into the same habits after crossing the finish line. The pro marathoner falls in love with running every day, whether it’s a race or practice.

2. The loudest piggy bank has the least amount of coins in it. Wealth is what you don't see. The guy surfing on a Tuesday, the mom taking years off work to spend time being present with her young kids... that's wealth.

3. Money is just an amplifier. If you're unhappy in your pursuit of wealth, money will actually amplify your core wounds & insecurities as you use $ to fill voids rather than doing the inner work. If you're an a$%hole without money, you'll be an even bigger one with it.

4. The ones who need advice the most are usually the least willing to hear it. All growth starts with awareness & accountability. Ego is an impediment to both.

5. People can always make time for what's important to them. Follow actions, not words. If somebody keeps ghosting you & flaking plans, move on. They're telling you very clearly that you're not a priority to them.

6. Until you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you won't be able to have one with someone else. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all others in your life. Seeking love & admiration from others before giving it to yourself is a recipe for disaster.

7. People should spend less time trying to find the right person and more time trying to become the right person. Attract, don't chase. Don't go out there looking for your better half, become whole and another person who is whole will find you.

8. All problems are co-created in some way no matter how much you think it's the other person's fault. People are always pointing out toxicity in others but can't seem to find it in themselves. Victim mentality is a hamster wheel, it gets you nowhere.

9. Self-care is more about discipline than relaxation. Daily wins & kept promises are the foundation for self-confidence. You don't need a spa day away from your problems, you need the discipline to chip away at them each and every day.

10. Success is far more about consistency & curiosity than it is about intelligence. Growth comes from doing something you're unqualified to do. There's someone out there achieving exactly what you want not because they're smarter than you but because they started.

11. There is no competition. You vs. you. You're only jealous & competitive when you feel someone is accomplishing something you fear that you yourself cannot do. So the battle is really within you. It's your bad habits, negative talk, and self-doubt. Compete against that.

12. Life is too short to live someone else's life. We grow up with certain expectations from our parents, society, and teachers...thinking things need to be done a certain way. Many of us are built to be people-pleasers. Let others down if it means building yourself up.

13. Build a life you don't need to escape from. Know the difference between leisure & escapism If you're always living for the weekend or the next vacation, or that next promotion, you'll always be going somewhere, anywhere but where you are. Be where your feet are.

14. People living their best life usually won't feel the need to tell you they are. The biggest flex out there is quietly having control of your time & energy

15. You're the common denominator of every bad relationship you've had. Starve out relationships that don't serve you, but don't play victim either.

16. You grow together or you grow apart. As you become more "you" or begin to achieve great things, there are people in your life that you may expect to be happy for you, but won't be. Be ok with letting people go, a relationship's duration does not necessarily mean strength.

17. Making a wrong decision is often better than making no decision. Indecision and perfectionism are just fear in disguise. Failure is a feedback mechanism that can help you succeed.

18. You can't control how others treat you, but you do choose your response. "Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lie our freedom and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness." - Viktor Frankl

19. People don't think about you as much as you think they do. This is actually freeing. Everyone is worrying about themselves...they're simply too busy to give shi%t about what you're doing, your mistakes, your appearance So dance like nobody's watching. They probably aren't.

20. The shadows that bother you the most in other people are usually the exact things you need to work on. You can't fix insecure people, but you can fix the parts of you that resonate with their insecurities. Work on improving yourself before criticizing others.

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