Angel!Hwx who's been told all his life that sex is bad, that he's a bad angel for how his pussy gets wet and leaks so much that his thighs are constantly slick and shiny. (there's no need for clothes or modesty in heaven so it's plenty obvious.) He's punished for it over and over

again, told he's sinning, but he can't help how wet he gets, how horny he is all the time. And to his embarrassment his body has started associating punishment and pain with arousal. But even though he's been told it's bad, Hwx can't help but touch himself in his bed at night,

and when that's not enough he starts sneaking off. He finds one clearing at the edge of heaven that's been long abandoned and left to overgrow, and starts touching himself, learning his body. He's completely inexperienced but when he manages to come for the first time he's

immediately addicted to the feeling. Hwx starts sneaking off more and more, neglecting his duties bc he needs to touch himself, almost always aroused and desperate. Slowly he learns how to pleasure himself but it always feels like he needs something more. Sometimes he feels so

empty and needy and he doesn't understand why. When demon!Jxxng first stumbles on the clearing he notices the pretty angel and is absolutely entranced. Obviously Hwx is naturally gorgeous but Jxxng's struck by the sight of Hwx with his fingers buried in his pussy, back arched,

Other hand groping and pinching his tits. Before this moment Jxxng hadn't thought that angels even knew about sex, and now here was a beautiful angel fucking himself desperately Jxxng kept coming back to watch Hwx and it didn't take long at all to realize that Hwx was coming

there almost every night. And that each time Hwx got more desperate for something his body needed but he didn't understand. Each session Hwx grew more frantic and rough with himself, making himself come over and over. Yet never seeming satisfied by the time he had to leave.

Weeks of watching, Jxxng finally revealed himself. Stepping out from the trees he'd been hidden in Jxxng greeted Hwx, "Hello, lovely." Hwx's gaze jerked up to meet Jxxng's, blush staining his cheeks immediately at the demon catching him like this, even as his body tensed and

Hwx came, harder than he'd ever had before. Hwx's loud moan tore through the clearing, and Jxxng's smile took on a distinctly smug cast. While Hwx trembled through the aftershocks of his orgasm, Jxxng crossed the clearing, settling himself at Hwx's side. Jxxng reached out,

One hand tracing the lines of Hwx's body, the other reaching to pinch a nipple roughly. Hwx trembled at the touch, making Jxxng laugh a little condescendingly. "Beautiful." "Demon" Hwx managed to grit.out, even as his body arched into Jxxng's touch. "Good job, pretty. You're

right. I am a demon." Jxxng said with a smirk. "But this demon has been watching you for weeks, naughty thing. And I know exactly what your body needs." Jxxng's wandering hands had reached Hwx's clit at this point and he rubbed it firmly, the rough pads of his fingers so

different to Hwx's own hands. Leaning down he tongued at Hwx's nipple, the duel stimulation making Hwx's body jerk and arch. "Will you let me play with you, pretty thing?" Jxxng asked, removing his mouth briefly from Hwx's tits. Overwhelmed and burning with a need he didn't

understand, Hwx choked out a desperate, "Yes! Please." "Good boy. You can call me Hxngjxxng, when you scream my name, lovely." "My name is Sexnghwx." "A beautiful name for a beautiful angel." Jxxng gripped Hwx gently, helping him sit up. "Now get on my lap, baby." Hwx went

easily, settling with his legs spread around Jxxng's thighs. One hand on Hwx's back to stabilize him, Jxxng used the other to unties his pants and draw out his already weeping cock. Hwx's mouth fell open at the sight off it. He'd never seen a cock that large before, not even

on the older, more powerful angels. He wanted it, even if he wants sure what exactly he wanted. Jxxng noticed Hwx's dazed look, open mouth and too fast breathing. "Aww, does my baby slut want my cock in his mouth?" Jxxng mocked lightly. Hwx just nodded, the idea suddenly

consuming him. Jxxng smirked meanly and smacked Hwx's ass roughly. Hwx gasped at the sensation, pussy getting even wetter. Jxxng ignored that for the moment. "So needy. First you're going to ride my cock while I suck on your tits for you. Maybe later I'll let you suck me off."

"Yes, Hxngjxxng." "Good boy." Jxxng praised, noting the little shiver at the praise, even as he guided Hwx to kneel up and then sit himself on Jxxng's cock. The image of Hwx's eyes rolling back and mouth falling open into an obscene moan felt burned into Jxxng's brain. A dark,

possessive fire lit in his stomach. He guided Hwx into the first few bounces, before the pleasure seemed to catch up and Hwx was bouncing enthusiastically on Jxxng's cock. Hwx was moaning obscenely at every bounce, and the moans only grew louder when Jxxng latched onto one of

Hwx's nipples and then began spanking his ass roughly. Within minutes Hwx was coming, legs giving out as pleasure whited out his vision. Jxxng, who had been watching long enough to know Hwx could take more, quickly repositioned Hwx on his hands and knees. Immediately Jxxng

set a brutal pace, harsh thrusts almost too much for Hwx as he tried to come down from his orgasm. Jxxng caged Hwx in, strong arms on either side of him, making Hwx feel strangely small. Sharp nips at Hwx's skin made his breath catch, Jxxng biting marks into Hwx's untouched

form. The sharp pain of Jxxng marking him left Hwx panting. Hwx's second orgasm hit him as Jxxng buried his teeth in Hwx's neck, leaving the skin bruised and tender. Jxxng fucked him through it, cruelly continuing to pound into Hwx's cunt even as he wailed with overstimulation.

Hwx wailed again when he was flipped over once again, back against the ground as Jxxng thrust into his cunt again without pause. Jxxng kissed and bit at his neck, marking Hwx up further. Then sucked on Hwx's sensitive tits for a while as he whined and whimpered. Finally Jxxng

brought their mouths together in a filthy kiss. He continued to kiss Hwx, gentle but filthy, as his thrust sped up, pace becoming more brutal as Jxxng chased his release. One hand came to briefly rub at Hwx's clit, coating Jxxng's fingers in Hwx's release as Hwx trembled.

The hand traced around to dip between Hwx's cheeks, and then a single, wet finger slid smoothly into Hwx's hole. Hwx came immediately, screaming, pussy tightening on Jxxng's cock. Jxxng groaned against Hwx's neck as he thrust a few more times before coming deep in Hwx's pussy.

Then they have a lot more raunchy sex and fall in love and Hwx moves to the han world where Jxxng has a nice house and Jxxng fucks Hwx on every surface of their home. End.

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