Nsfw I want a Suna that talks mad dirty shit to Atsumu under his breath about Osamu, just because he knows it pisses him off. Makes him jealous. "Fuck you see that mouth? Damn I bet it would feel so good around-" "Rin shut the fuck up." "Why? You hard?"

Suna smacks Osamu's ass and saunters towards a seething Atsumu. "You see his little jolt? So cute, his ass is still sore from when i-" Atsumu shoves the ball into his chest. "Help me practice serves." He shuttles them into Suna's face.

Atsumu catches the tail end of them hooking up in the warehouse room one time. Suna fussing with his zipper, Osamu on his knees with a hand over his red puffy lips. He reacts by gut instinct gawking and whining with his arms flailing around. "Here?!? That's disgusting!"

"Fuck off tsumu." It's mumbled but Atsumu can still hear him. "Osamu, watch your language when my kids are in your mouth!" Suna's joking, while he helps Osamu up on his feet. Osamu brushes past him and Suna follows suit, but he takes a second to whisper.

"It did feel good." He takes Atsumu's squeak as an acknowledgement. "His mouth stretched around my cock. Felt like heaven. Better though? His fucking face." He laughs when Atsumu groans spying a little tent in his pants. Waving as he walks off "Don't take too long, loser!"

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