Mountain Housewife 🐝

Mountain Housewife 🐝



Happily married men have wives who stroke their egos and give them their warm approval. And in return, these men practically worship their wives. They want to give them the world.

Women in general have been taught to believe that a man's ego is a weakness and immaturity, but, in fact, a man has a normal need to feel respected and good about himself. His ego needs protecting in the same way a woman's heart needs protecting and it's a wife's job to do that.

How to nurture & protect his ego: He wants to know that he is desirable to a you, his wife, because of his ability to provide materially, satisfy in the bedroom, and be a good leader as the family confront’s challenges. When he does these things, be sure to compliment him!

On the other hand, one contemptuous, nasty jab or comment in an argument can seriously bruise his male ego. Don't expect him to treat you lovingly or generously if you make a habit of this kind of treatment of him.

Now you know about the male ego, and knowledge is power. Now go and build a beautiful marriage and home.

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