david | gentle dom

david | gentle dom



I find more pleasure making a woman cum than having an orgasm myself.

First time I sleep with a girl, I’ll rip all her clothes off, make her cum 3-4 times, clean her up, and cuddle without ever even taking my clothes off.

At that point, she will always be begging to make me cum. Begging to suck me or ride me. But I’m in charge, and I deny her. I keep the tension, and make her wait until the next time we meet, the next weekend.

All the while, we both wonder about what fucking is going to be like. Fantasizing all week, at work, at the store… remembering those intense orgasms and wanting to feel each other deep inside…

Then, the next date will be in public. I tell her to wear a skirt. Lunch on a Saturday. Hand on her thigh the whole time, eye contact, laughing, smiling… Then I tell her I have an obligation. Work called. System went down. Have to go, sorry things were cut short.

And right after we walk out, grab her by the hand. Take her by the hand, lead her behind the restaurant, bend her over against the wall and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before. Cum inside her and make her walk back to the car dripping cum like nothing happened.

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