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Fake relationship (one sided)/ MCInjury/ happy ending "It was all a lie?" Jxxng muttered. "But you have tons of money, why would you accept?" His mind felt numb and started hearing white noise that made him feel nauseous. "Look, Jxxng... We've been friends since little."

S3xnghwx looked at him with guilt. "And you never made any effort to have other friends around you. And we were drifting away so your mom asked me to be your boyfriend so you don't stay all alone." Hwx knew that he sounded like an asshole, but he needed to be sincere.

"When I asked about why not friendship, she told me you liked me and you would end up far away from everyone. So I started dating you just to keep you near, because I didn't wanna lose you." Jxxng cried silently. "But if you... why my mom had to pay you if YOU wanted to be near?"

"Because you need so much attention and I needed a job to pay my classes..." When he saw how Jxxng swallowed his saliva he cursed. "I didn't mean you were a /job/, is just..." "It doesn't matter anymore." Jxxng smiled thought his tears. "It was done with a good intention

but I can't see us a couple anymore, I mean... we never were." Jxxng chuckled sadly. "You shouldn't tell my mum that we broke up tho, I don't need her on my back and you can still have money for your PhD" "Jxxng, you know I don't need the money anymore?" Hwx muttered anxious.

"Hmmmm... Well, you still get paid by her even if you're successful, so whatever." Jxxng put his jacket on. "Look, Hwx... You don't need to fake anymore, I know that you see me as an immature adult, and now there is nothing that attaches us together, so have fun or I don't care."

Hwx tried to stop him, but Jxxng smiled at him gently. "Please, do this for me, S3xnghwx." The younger one gave him a last chaste kiss and left, leaving him standing on what used to be their home. He sat down on the couch and held his head with his hands.

It was obvious that Jxxng would know what had happened someday, but he didn't expect it would happen when he wanted to propose. Not when it had been years since that pact had happened. He only lasted the first three months of that relationship with the pact he did with Jxxng's

mum, and it had been six years since then. But he couldn't explain it to Hxngjxxng because he was sure the other wouldn't believe it. He screamed on the pillow couch feeling the tears prickle in his eyes. He hated his old self for thinking that it was good idea, he hated

how Jxxng got hurt because he used to be an asshole, and he hated how he couldn't come clean when everything finished, because now he had to learn how to live without Jxxng. After being together for a whole life.

His days, since Jxxng left, became a repetitive and boring nightmare. From home to the hospital and vice versa, he didn't have even energy to clean the house as much as he liked it. When he arrived home he only wanted to stare Jxxng's photos, whishing he was coming back to him.

But that never happened and when Hwx thought life would start smiling at him again, a new patient came urgent to the surgery room. The condition was severe and the poor boy needed a liver transplant, he was walking at night, when he was assaulted and robbed.

They didn't know his identity as they stole everything, but when Hwx finished putting his gloves and saw who was the guy laying down, his world stopped. Jxxng was laying unconscious on the bed and his body was beaten up. His colleague called him to start the surgery as soon

as Jxxng was full sedated and he needed to get out of his stupor to lead everything. He kept being a professional, when deep down he wanted to break down and cry. It was difficult to see the love of his life in that condition and more when his heart stopped beating twice.

The whole surgery got on his nerves and even if he knew it went successful after intense hours of work, he couldn't help but collapse into his knees to cry when everything finished. He explained who the boy was and everyone soon understood, his colleagues helped him and

made sure to contact Jxxng's parents, that when they heard Jxxng's situation decided to go as quickly as they could. It took days for the injured one to wake up, but when he did, he found Hwx holding his hand talking softly to him. "If you wake up, I will finally propose to you.

I won't even think it twice, even if you probably won't marry me I need you to know that you're the most important to me." Hwx was talking to him lovingly, and it took him aback. Proposal? His eyes fluttered and looked at Hwx. "What happened?" He said with a raspy voice.

"Jxxng! Wait, I need to call the doctor." Jxxng was confused but soon everything was explained to him, and luckily everything was going on the right path. His body hurt him but he was explained that it was swelled and not deeply hurt. His parents and brother entered right after

when the doctor left and after l the happiness and love he received, they told him that the police would come soon to take his statement of what had happened. They found who attacked him and they wanted to put them in jail as soon as they could. When everything calmed down and

he could lie a little to process coherently his thoughts, his stomach churned at the memory of Hwx's words. He wondered where the older was and he didn't see him until three days after, when he found him on his bed holding his hand again. "Jxxng, I'm sorry for having hurt

you as I did, I promise that the deal only lasted three months and that my feelings for you are sincere, I wanted to let you go and be happy, but you deserve to know at least the truth." Hwx looked at the tiny hand of his ex. "I wanted to marry you, and make /us/ legal, but I

never told you the importance you have in my life and..." "Hmmm... Hwx, look, my trust has been shattered, but I'll give you the opportunity to make the things right. We can be friends now and we'll see where that takes us. Being so near to death, made me realise that

hating you don't make me feel better, I want to forgive you but I don't know how, so I'll let you figure it out if you want to make things right." Jxxng smiled tiredly. "I grew accustomed to you, and it hurts to have lost you, even if it was a moment. But if you are

lying, I won't ever give you another opportunity. Got it?" Hwx nodded eagerly, maybe starting from zero would make them awkward, but Hwx wouldn't complain when he had Jxxng in his life again. "Can I hug you?" Hwx was almost bouncing and Jxxng nodded. The hug was like being

back at what they used to call home. Hwx's coat was wet with tears and Jxxng's clothes wrinkle with the pressure Hwx made with his fingers. "I missed you." Both muttered at the same time, and Hwx gave a tiny kiss on Jxxng's forehead making him giggle. Finally they were at home.

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