Ok guys, I know all the SBF typos in this look super genuine, but this is obviously a PR stunt. Oh yeah. This is still ๐Ÿคก world. Do not become a resident. Let me explain why. ๐Ÿงต

-- note: I think EA is VERY misguided (see my clown world thread) but their stated goals are good. Many of the EAs I've met are kind, though some have seemed like super bad actors. --

So the SBF formula here is Sympathize w cryptbro values + "no srsly i genuinely f'ed up" + disavow EA so they stop taking any heat, all very nicely packaged in DMs to... AN EA JOURNALIST?!

This is cryptbro sympathy

This is "damn dude sorry i f'ed up"

and finally, the disavowal of EA

To be clear, "all that ethical shit was made up" = "the public should disassociate me from the ethical philosophy I've espoused since I was a child"

HMMMMMMM SBF is like "look i lied about being ethical but i still didnt steal" ๐Ÿคก

...right. Alright, now let's get back to the "EA journalist" bit all you need to know is this:

Does it not seem perfect to strike a deal that gets you on good terms with crypto, the Public, and EA all at once? Unfortunately, it wasn't perfect. This was the most botched PR attempt I've seen in recent times. I do PR, hmu.

And so the question is, WHY DID HE GET AN EA REPORTER TO LEAK DMs?! LMAO (it's because EA had the incentive to take action to be disassociated w him, and he needed a way to reach the public in a way that they would believe)

Look. If it isn't obvious to you how an EA leaking to an EA in a way that exonerates EA is suspicious, look out -- -- you may be living in a๐Ÿคก๐ŸŒŽ

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