Sakusa never really grew up with compliments. The only thing people ever mentioned were his academics and volleyball. He would get a pat on the back, or a “good job.” That was the extent of it. It wasn’t something his family gave out, nor his coaches or teammates. He never

knew he even needed it until- “Yer real pretty, aintcha?” Was the first thing Miya Atsumu ever said to him. Teasing grin, looking up at him. Sakusa had scowled instantly. “Bullying tactics already?” It was only the first hour of camp. Atsumu had looked confused, head tilting

while his grin got just a bit smaller. More genuine. “It’s not bullying. Just think yer the prettiest thing I’ve seen.” After that, it was constant. “Nasty, Omi!” “Nice spike!” “Looking beautiful while you annihilate their team, Omi!” Sakusa had never blushed so much in

his life. His mask hid most of it, but by Atsumu’s glances it didn’t hide all of it. “The curls, Omi? The moles? It’s just not fair. We can’t ever be on different teams, yer too distracting.” Atsumu would sigh during their meal breaks. “You’re impossible,” Sakusa rolled his

eyes. “Don’t mock a man in love, Omi. It’s just poor taste,” Atsumu had stuck his tongue out. “I see no men here, just an overgrown child.” Sakusa hadn’t minded it too much when Atsumu whined and complained, with their arms linked. After camp, it was as if Atsumu made it his

life goal to make sure Sakusa was filled to the brim with compliments. Even years later, on the same team, and living in the same apartment. Atsumu had a jar full of things he loved about Sakusa, so he could pull one out and read one everyday. “What happens when it runs out?”

Sakusa had looked at his boyfriend curiously. Atsumu had just smiled, laughing a bit. “I’ll always have something to put in the jar. I fall in love with something new about ya everyday.” Even after years of being together, their jar was always full.

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