Twitter has 400 million users Most of us think we know it inside out I promise you don't Here are 7 Twitter tricks you wish you knew months ago:

#1: Analytics Screen To build an audience, you need to understand them The analytics screen is the perfect place to get actionable information about your tweets In the analytics screen you can: • Understand which tweets work • View impression growth • See top mentions

#2: Lists Want to super charge your growth? You need to understand Lists Lists allow you to group together accounts you want to watch Make a list of influencers, reply to all of their tweets. Watch your growth explode

#3: Bookmarks Some tweets pack a lot of value into 280 characters Letting them disappear forever would be a tremendous waste Use Twitter’s bookmark function liberally Any tweet teach you something new? Bookmark it and review later

#4: Switch to Latest Tweets First The Twitter algorithm is hiding a lot of tweets from you Want to make sure you see ALL of the tweets from the people you follow? Switch off the algorithm This will ensure you see every tweet, and give you a chance to reply immediately

#5: Schedule Tweets If you want to grow your audience, you need to Tweet every day But not all of us are in front of a computer every day Take advantage of scheduling Write multiple tweets in one sitting then spread them out over days Then enjoy that nice vacation

#6: Keyboard Shortcuts Looking to scroll through tweets and fire off replies as fast as possible? You need to use keyboard shortcuts Massive growth comes from replying, using shortcuts will allow you to do this faster Go to next tweet with ‘J’, Reply with ‘R’

#7: Mute Keywords Sometimes you just don’t want to see the trending topic of the day anymore Perfect use case for muted keywords Yesterday I had to mute “horses” Don’t ask Clean up your timeline so it’s only content you want to see

Hacks We Covered: 1. Analytics Screen 2. Lists 3. Bookmarks 4. Switch to Latest Tweets 5. Schedule Tweets 6. Keyboard Shortcuts 7. Mute Keywords

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