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I saw a tweet about a cat who’s not motivated enough to keep his eyes open(??) and immediately thought about cat shifter YG who’s fed up with the grating rat race of capitalism and decides to take an extended vacation as a spoiled pet.

YG’s new owner HS “rescued” him off the streets when YG ran up to him on a rainy night (his ploy was quite waterproof, forgive the pun). All he had to do was meow forlornly, and HS rushed back home with YG wrapped up in his hoodie and the car heater turned all they way up.

HS is a chill owner, which YG appreciates greatly. He lets YG get away with chewing on his aloe vera plant (it’s yummy, okay?) and taking cat naps that stretch long into the afternoon. He also never tries to touch YG’s soft belly even if he’s clearly tempted to.

HS works from home, so he loves having YG curled up in his lap while he sits in front of his computer, the soft clack of the keyboard lulling YG to sleep and coaxing fond purrs from his chest.

The food is good, too – HS gives him scraps off meat every time he cooks something, and the high-quality pet food isn’t that unpleasant either when YG is in catspace.

YG doesn’t even have the energy to loathe the collar HS put around his neck after their first week of joint living. It’s baby blue and has a silver tag on it that says “Sugar”. To be frank, YG’s been called worse – stuff like that doesn’t pose a threat to his masculinity.

But problems arise when HS’s friend (boyfriend? lover?) stops by and comments that YG looks worryingly lethargic for a cat. “I can take him to a vet I know,” the friend called TH says, and HS smiles and expresses his gratitude, the traitor. YG thought they had an agreement.

The drive to the vet has none of the romantic quality that tinted YG’s arrival into HS’s life. YG finds himself stuffed into a pet crate with a soft fleece blanket, warily peering at the back of the front seat through the bars of the crate, and then –

in a brightly lit examination room where a plush-lipped veterinarian runs his fingers over YG’s rib cage, looking into his ears and mouth and listening to his heart. “Someone’s been eating quite well,” the vet says. “You said he was a stray?” TH nods.

“Hmm, I’m not so sure about that. His teeth and skin are in great condition, and his fur all but shines,” the vet says and runs a hand over YG’s back. Unnecessary, but YG will allow it because he doesn’t want to cause a ruckus.

HS has catnip treats in one of the high cabinets YG can’t reach, and YG’s sure he’ll get one after the appointment if he keeps his claws just about out of the way. With HS, the bar of praise is laughably low, and YG prefers it that way.

“But SJ hyung… Sugar seems so tired and sickly,” TH argues. “I mean look at him, he barely manages to open his eyes all the way.” SJ chuckles. “Sugar is in perfect health. I suppose he simply lacks the motivation.”

YG would probably laugh if he had the physiological ability to do so. He feels a warm tingle at the base of his spine – it’s where his shift often starts, his human sensibilities pushing to the surface, but he controls himself because it’s better this way.

in fact, YG plans to live with HS for as long as he feels like it and then sneak off in the dead of night when he can stomach the idea of rejoining the society. HS will grieve his disappearance for a while and then move on, perhaps adopt a real cat to cuddle with at night.

The fleeting wave of jealousy crashing over YG is unexpected, but he brushes it off as another sign of his human emotions peeking through. •••

Things run smoothly for another week or so (YG likes to keep track of the calendar just to make sure he remembers to shift back to human before his mother’s birthday). After TH brought YG back and explained what the vet had said, HS laughed so hard he fell to the floor.

He also gave YG not one but /two/ catnip treats, and YG spent the next few hours in a haze, rubbing his little cheek against the pouches and rolling on the floor as his owner kept laughing and taking pictures of his ‘unmotivated’ cat for his insta account.

It was fun while it lasted – the treats, the naps, the love that was pure in a way love between humans never is. People always want things from each other, be it approval or money or emotional availability. Things wouldn’t be the same between YG and HS if they were both human.

But YG’s feline mind is a fickle thing, and the next time TH visits, everything goes wrong in a rapid sequence of events that YG himself can’t control. The moment TH steps through the door and pulls HS into a brief embrace, YG lets out a long hiss.

“Sugar, it’s just Taetae, you know him” HS says in a soft voice, trying to pet YG, but YG swats at his owner with his claws fully out, making him yelp in pain and surprise, red ribbons carved to the back of his hand.

“I’m sorry for taking you to the vet, little kitty,” TH coos, taking a step back as if he can sense that him being close to HS is the problem. YG’s vision goes dark and all he can think of his HS – because HS is his, his, his. No one else’s.

His chest heaves like he’s trying to cough up the world’s biggest hair ball, and his body tingles all over. It’s too late, YG realises and hears a loud snap in his ears. His pretty blue collar drops to the ground beneath his feet.

••• As weird as it sounds, the strangest part about HS’s pet cat turning into a fully grown man isn’t the transformation itself. It’s pretty high up on the list of course, but what really throws HS off is just how familiar the naked man before him is.

The man has Sugar’s eyes, narrow and feline and shining with quite kind of intelligence. He has the same thin limbs and button nose, the same way of cocking his head to the side.

“Sugar?” HS says like an idiot and drops his gaze for a millisecond too long before his pet cat realises to cover his bare groin with his (large, veiny) hands. “Uh, Min YG,” the cat-man says, or tries to. His voice sounds like he’s been eating gravel for the past few months.

“YG? Got it,” HS says and shoots a glance at TH who’s still glued to place with his mouth hanging open. “Can…?” YG wheezes. “Can he leave? I think we need to talk, HS-ssi.” Of course his cat would know his name, but HS still flinches at the sound of it.

What an odd day it is. HS’s ears burn as he grabs a t-shirt and sweats from the pile of folded laundry and hands them to the man, after which he starts pushing the still-mute TH out the door, promising to call him later.

In the meantime, YG has managed to pull the clothes on. He’s sitting on the couch with an air of defeat and embarrassment, legs propped up and arms wrapped around his knees. YG looks so much like a curled-up cat that HS’s heart stings and aches.

“So…” HS says and sits down in the armchair where Sugar likes – liked to nap while HS cooked dinner. “You were never a cat.” YG shakes his head, the tip of his nose red and twitching. “But you pretended to be my pet. Why?”

YG’s scarily pink tongue flicks out of his mouth. HS remembers Sugar’s tongue being quite coarse, but YG’s looks soft and wet. “Didn’t wanna work, so…” the man says with a shrug. HS inhales. “That sounds… almost reasonable?”

YG flashes a small smile which makes him look like an angel. A grubby, disheveled angel but no less breath-taking. “Yeah? I like the naps.” HS nods dumbly because it makes a little too much sense to him, worked to the bone as he is.

Sugar’s company has been one of the only things getting him through his nine-to-five workdays. “You weren’t a half-bad owner,” YG continues in the same coy tone, but then his smile drops. “Though I’m sorry for deceiving you. I can pay you back for the food, I have savings.”

“You don’t have to,” HS blurts out, nearly panicking when YG gets up like he’s about to leave – leave HS alone in his dumb small flat with no one to feed and care for. “Please Sugar, I mean – YG-ssi. It’s fine.”

“Fine?” YG repeats, lifting his eyebrows. His cheeks are just as red as HS’s own feel like. “I know everything about you, HS-ssi – you didn’t consent to me hearing you ramble about your deepest secrets, or seeing your dick every time you got out of the shower…”

“Please stop,” HS shrieks, heat pulsing through his body as YG keeps staring at him with Sugar’s eyes. “Why would you even look at it?” YG’s cheeks bulge out, but he doesn’t reply.

HS yanks at his hair in despair, thinking about all the times he jerked off to some disgraceful porn while Sugar was perched on the shelf in his room. “Can I ask you one more thing?” YG says in a quieter voice, catching HS’s attention. “Go right ahead,” he says forlornly.

“Are you together with him… TH-ssi?” HS lets out a strangled laugh. “What gave you that idea?” YG shrugs, but there’s something incredibly tense in his expression. He looks just like when HS would deny Sugar treats to prevent him from getting overweight.

“You smell like him, sometimes,” YG says. “That’s because TH-ie is extremely clingy,” HS says, running his hands down his arms like his mother used to do when he couldn’t sleep as a child. “So you’re not together,” YG repeats more sharply.

“No, TH already has two boyfriend,” HS confirms. “I promise he has his hands full.” At that, YG smiles, his eye flashing almost black. “Good,” he says and looks straight into HS’s eyes. “That’s very good to know.” •••

(A few weeks later, HS goes out on a date with his former pet cat. They go to a world-famous fish restaurant and YG eats so much he gets a stomachache, forcing them to cut the night short and go back to HS’s place to cuddle in bed. Sans the purring, everything feels familiar).

(The next morning, they wake up curled up next to each other, needy for touch and affection, and one thing leads to another. TH will make fun of HS later, but it’ll be worth it.)

// the end! I was supposed to write a quick 5-tweet concept about an anti-capitalist cat boy but here we are again. Hope you enjoyed 💕 ⬆️:


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