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Pornography is cancer to young men. Here's 15 better ways to spend your time:

1. Reading books. Books are the tools that free our minds. Put down self-help books. Enjoy some fiction. Find stories that inspire you. Study expert storytellers and their work.

2. Practice writing. I write 'daily pages', a form of braindumping. Writing is the number 1 skill to learn. Teach yourself to write persuasively and informatively. These skills will allow you to share your knowledge. It is also highly therapeutic.

3. Practice gratitude. Make a list of things you are thankful for. If you have a roof over your head. Food in the cupboard. And the willpower to turn off pornography. You have many things to be thankful for.

4. Becoming present with your emotions. Porn is a band-aid for your emotions. If you use it to dull your pain, search yourself. Band-aids do not heal wounds, they cover them. You need to get to the root of the problem.

5. Sign up for a team sport. Men crave approval from other men. Team sports environments provide this. It encourages cooperation and collaboration. Things men thrive upon.

6. Lift weights. Porn is a fast reward dopamine fix. Lifting weights is superior in every way. Become jacked all over your body. Instead of just one really big arm. Beneficial for the body and the mind.

7. Write down your values. Create a list of values important to you. Place it somewhere you will see it every day. When you feel the urge to watch porn, Check your list of values. Viewing porn likely isn't on your list.

8. Discover your purpose. Men fall into poor habits when they lack purpose. Alcohol, porn, weed, and video games consumed to excess and in isolation. We strive to build a great legacy. We have an innate desire to provide for our loved ones.

9. Go for a walk. Get the blood flowing to other parts of the body. Walking is a great form of exercise and recovery. Walking will set ideas in motion to spark creative processes. Go early in the morning for sunshine which regulates your circadian rhythm.

10. Prepare meals ahead of schedule. This is a hack. If you are serious about fitness and nutrition. Prepping your meals takes the chore of dietary habits. Meals should always prioritise protein and be relative to your goals.

11. Practice mindfulness. For me, this comes in the form of meditation. I have totalled 30+ hours since March. Practising deep breathing and grounding has changed my life. It has served me well when temptation has knocked at my door.

12. Engage with a real person. Porn entices young men because it removes the risk of rejection by girls. Pixels won't think you are a loser. Get out of your comfort zone. Talk to the cute girl in the coffee shop. Compliment a stranger, but be genuine.

13. Pray or read scripture. Trust your faith to guide you from temptation. Holy books are filled with encouragement. They have many stories where people deliver themselves from sin. If you can't talk about your struggle. God will be listening for you.

14. Call a friend or your parents. Nothing will turn you off faster. Catching up with loved ones brings fulfilment and comfort. The fulfilment that you may be seeking through porn. If you are blessed to have parents around still, contact them regularly.

15. Learn a martial art. Martial arts teach the power of self. They are bedded in discipline and self-control. Having dominion over your body is an extremely affirming feeling. You will brim with confidence.

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