A @wassiecapital & @0xkapital_k collab: We looked at 80+ web3 gaming studios and we have some findings to share. This will be a multi-part research piece so we hope you enjoy this first installation.

@wassiecapital 1/ Research Motivation: We wanted to figure out who's currently building, what are they building, and what trends are emerging. Research Question: WHO'S HERE?

@wassiecapital 2/ Research Filters: - Games that received funding - US & Int'l Studios - Any Genre - Any Platform - Any Chain

@wassiecapital 3/ Now let's dive into the data and we'll start with the Genre Breakdown. When we compared this genre breakdown with general gamer preference, ignoring RPG, we see that the genres sorta line up with Action, Strategy, Sports, and Shooter being popular choices.

@wassiecapital 4/ With such a high concentration in the RPG genre, we suspect this is because of the identity/avatar-centric preconception that we have about the metaverse so the notion of building your own character fits that mental model.

@wassiecapital 5/ After dissecting the genres, we wanted to know what the production schedule is like across these games. We know on avg it takes about 3-5 yrs to ship at least _something_ so we broke up the cohorts into 3 phases: Pre-Prod (2024+) -> Prod (2022-23) -> Live (Now)

@wassiecapital 6/ We know this is massive overgeneralization but at least we're directionally on-trend. 80% of the games are still in Prod, meaning scheduled to ship in 2022-23. We expect games to post-pone their date. The tight schedule was prolly set during fundraising to close the asap

@wassiecapital 7/ Here's the production schedule per genre. For those building RPGs, we'd reco you to ship then patch so you can capture the first-mover advantage. May be helpful to share vertical slice to the community so you can playtest asap while keeping the community engaged.

@wassiecapital 8/ Now we get to my fave part. Let's see how many proj has already sold a token or an NFT to the community. I actually did a deeper analysis thread about this topic that you can read here:

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