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Learn Core Java, in 30 days as an Absolute Beginner a roadmap...

Core Java can be Overwhelming, in the beginning! Let's see what are those topics you should cover and what you can skip in Core Java.

1. Theoretical Concepts (2 days) - Features of Java - JVM, JRE & JDK - Memory areas in Java - Basics of how Garbage Collection Works.

2. OOP Concepts (3 days) - Objects and Classes - Inheritance - Polymorphism - Encapsulation This topic forms the basis of your Java learning. Spent enough time on this topic and understanding it using real-world examples and some practicals.

3. Primitives data types, Operators & Arrays (3 days) - Various primitives/non-primitives data types, operators - What is their use, How to use them - Various sizes of data types - Arrays, practice a few of its problems - 2D/3D arrays and their use cases, practice a few problems

4. Packages and Access Modifiers (2 days) - Default package, Normal package and its use case - Various access modifiers and how they behave in different types of packages. - Write a few programs to practice

5. Conditional Statements and Loops (2 days) - While/Do While - For loops - If/else conditions - Switch case

6. Objects, Classes & Interface (4 days) - Objects - Abstract Class/Concrete Class - Constructors, Methods - Interface - What is Inheritance through classes and interfaces - Method Overloading/Overriding - static, final keywords

7. Basics of Multithreading (2 days) - What is threads, How do create them. - Thread class, hierarchy - Learn to create simple threads using Thread class and using Runnable. - Various methods of Thread class - Write some program to practice

8. Exception Handling (3 days) - Problem solved by Exception Handling - Exception Hierarchy - Checked/Unchecked Exception - How to create custom exception - throw, throws, throwable, try-catch, finally

9. Collections (5 days) - Basics of Collections - Classes/Interface with its hierarchy in Collection framework. - All about List, Set & Map, their differences, internal data structures and internal working. - Collections util class

10. Lambda & Streams (3 days) - What are lambda functions & why is it introduced - Functional Interface and Functional Programming - Write programs to practice - Streams API and its methods. - Stream pipelines and their methods

Tips: 1. Skip these Topics: - Advance Multithreading Concepts - Swing/Applet - Java. util package - Java. io package 2. Prepare a daily plan, and spent 5-8 hrs daily to achieve this goal. 3. Don't fall into tutorial hell, write programs at every stage.

Conclusion: Don't hardwire that these are the only topics you should know in Core Java, the rest is garbage. No. That's not true! But as an absolute beginner, you should at least know this much while the rest of the topics you will discover as and when you need.

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