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I've spent over 1,000 hours learning to trade one strategy — the Range Deviation Strategy Here're important concepts I've learnt, simplified into 7 examples. I hope this gives you a head start in Trading 🧵

HOLD UP 🤚 This thread is heavily focused on ONE strategy. If you haven't read the Range Deviation Strategy, please read the thread below first! 👇 If you have, adventure awaits..

$FTM Classic Range-Deviation set up • Entered after sweep of 1 • Didn't like how price didn't react much, so I exited soon after at break even • 💪 Got my confidence back after the 2nd sweep at 2 • Entered on the breakout of the LTF accumulation Rode it all the way up

$SOL What worried me in this set up was liquidity was almost taken out at 1 • So I waited for a sweep of the previous low at 2 before entering • Set bids at 3 for a long entry • Noticed the double sweep at 4, at the EQ? • Decided to take profit at 5 when price broke down

Some learning points • If I had let the previous trade run, It would have netted me 2.5R • I was worried that liquidity at the top might have been collected • So I exited early at the 1st sign of weakness Still happy with the decision, Capital Preservation is Vital

$AAVE Love it. Classic Range-Deviation Set up • Longed at 1 after a reaction off the OB • Prices consolidated at 2, before the previous pivotal high • That gave me confidence that it'll break through • Kept the long all the way up 2.8R in the bag 🤝

Here's a picture of my dog who clearly needs to lose some weight. Now for some Short examples.. 👇

$ATOM • Sweep at 1 • Broke LTF accumulation at 2 • Set bids at 3 • Prices bounced at 4 — I tend to be more confident when it retraces partially without sweeping the pivotal low Felt fearless all the way down 🦁

$CELO Same as the previous example • Sweep at 1 • Broke LTF accumulation at 2 • Set bids at 3 Price moved to target pretty quickly 🥳

$EGLD Was impatient on my entry for this trade, Entered at 1 At 2, I didn't like how we did not get a reaction off the supply OB • I planned to cut the trade if we had no reaction by L.O • Almost got stopped out at L.O Lucky I could cut the trade at 3 for -.03R

$CRV Sometimes we don't get what we want • Sweep at 1 • Broke LTF accumulation at 2 • Set bids at 3 • Unfortunately price never retraced, otherwise it would have been a good trade. No worries, just keep trying

Alright that's all folks. I hope what I've shared is useful. Retweet if you've learnt something Follow me at @Tims9101 for more trading related content Cheers 😇 #Trading #Cryptocurrency

BY THE WAY • The examples look awesome • But please note, I'm only sharing the winning trades for learning purposes. • 40-45% of the time, these trades don't work out for me. • But when they do, its a 1:3R ☑️ Profit is not a result, it is a byproduct.

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