Day 1: Family Drama #miyatwinsweek22 #miyatwinsday It is inevitable for couples to fight. Mama and Papa Miya is quite familiar with it. Mama Miya is one stubborn woman and Papa Miya is a prideful man. They clash a lot. But they are trying to fight w/o the twins' hearing it.

Sometimes, its not avoidable because of their screaming and loud voices. Mama and Papa Miya didnt know about it but whenever they are fighting, Atsumu would cover Osamu's ears and sing songs.

It started when they were 4. The Miya parents only discovered it when the twin's are 7 years old. Mama and Papa Miya felt like something crashed their heart. And after that they vowed to try to talk calmy whenever they are having an arguement. No more screaming and yelling.

The mental image of Atsumu covering Osamu's ears so he wouldnt hear their parent's fighting is: 🥺

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