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Social media has mindfucked this generation

With fast internet and a smartphone/laptop you now are given access to anything, anywhere.. • Useful information • Absolute crap. The choice falls on you..

10 years ago... I used Social media for porn after rolling a blunt I thought it was great *Because behind your screen there is privacy* However...

This is death in disguise. Once you build a toxic habit Then it's hard to stop Because it's a habit no one else knows but you It's not that you don't wish to stop You just don't know how ..

Both killing and building a habit are hard... If you are building any habit, then it should be one that you will never think of killing And if there is a habit you want to kill Then kill it before it takes root in you. So...

How do you build/kill any habit? 1. Identify the habit 2. Find a mentor 3. Join a group of people following the same direction as you.

The first step is logical. Fairly straightforward. Everyone who's stuck in a negative habit loop knows what they need to stop. You may hide, lie and fake from others... But you can never hide the truth from yourself. You know this.

Why do you need a mentor? You need someone who knows what you go through. Someone who understands what it takes to beat this cycle you find yourself stuck in.. Someone who's failed and tried so you don't have to.. Someone who's won to show you how to win.. Irreplaceable

A brotherhood. Why is this necessary? For accountability. You are among people who are wanting to fight the same demons.. Who want to win just as much as you. Who have answers you don't.. Who will keep you on track and motivated.. Again, Irreplaceable.

All of you here desire larger lives.. Grander, exquisite, filled with joy, purpose and respect.. However, the life you live now is a contrast to what you could have.. This keeps you in a loop of desire and heartbreak..

You want that life but you cannot have it because you just can't seem to break free from this mediocre existence. I want to change that. I really believe I can change your life and I've done just the same to many others. To remedy this I am running group coaching sessions.

Affordable 30 day cohorts for complete reset and restart in your life. ✅ Quit ALL addictions ✅ Workout ✅ Diet ✅ Meditate ✅ Journal ✅ Heal dopamine receptors ✅ Get structure and discipline in life.. ✅ Fix sleep cycles ✅ Escape negative habit loops And more..

In 30 days I will help you completely get out of all negative habit loops - NEW START TO LIFE GUARANTEED. DM @SpartanPsyche with a YES to book a slot for March. Bookings close at 30 sign ups. Do not sleep on what can be a new start to a life you've always wanted..

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