#sakuatsu nsfw | terms like cunt are used  #hqomegaverseweek2022 @HQomegaverse Day 05: Feral Behavior  Animalistic. Bestial. Carnal. There was no tenderness in the way Sakusa impaled the squirming omega on his thick, girthy, shaft.

Hands latching onto child-bearing hips in a bruising grip, sharp claws dug into soft, supple flesh. The alpha snarled, bloodied jaws sinking into an unblemished shoulder, to marr the pretty thing rocking in his lap,

mewling sweetly, clenching and milking his cock with his tight, soaking cunt.  “Good omega, so perfect for me,” Sakusa growled, pupils dilating, sinking his swelling knot into the slick wetness, “Take my knot, sweetheart.”

Atsumu keened, toes curling. Blabbering incoherently about how full he was and how good his alpha was filling him, his tongue lolled out in weak, broken cries.  Hands scrambling for some form of purchase, a shrill scream left his parted lips when Sakusa bore his weight down,

forcing his knees over his shoulders. Slipping impossibly deeper, Atsumu could almost feel the head of the alpha’s cock kiss his womb.

Back arching, the omega's cock dribbled on his toned belly uselessly. Sakusa licked at the wound on his shoulder, lips brushing against his swollen scent glands, teeth gnawing at them, a promise of what was to come. “Bite, please,”Atsumu wailed, baring his neck in submission.

Sharp incisors buried themselves in his scent glands, as did the alpha's knot plug him in place. Nothing prepared Atsumu for the sharp pain. He wailed, the omega in him coaxing him, guiding him to sink his teeth into his alpha's scent glands in return.

Vision flashing white, Atsumu's nails dug into Sakusa's shoulders, raking down his broad back. Clamping down onto his alpha's knot, he milked his mate of his cum. The fine line between pain and pleasure blurred.

Only the rough pad of Sakusa's tongue licking wet stripes against his bond mark with a throaty growl kept Atsumu from passing out.

* It had started as a chase. Followed by a hunt.  Every month, when the full moon rose, it signalled a new cycle of heat and ruts. This also called for the predatory instinct in Atsumu to stir, leaving his house in hopes to attract a potential mate.

Finding himself wandering through the lushness of the forest, Atsumu froze when he felt not just one, but multiple pairs of eyes watching his every move, simply waiting to strike on the unmated omega in heat.

A rush of adrenaline had surged through Atsumu's veins, before he started sprinting. Yet, all but a pair of feet followed after him, the pheromones of a feral, prime alpha driving away other alphas who cowered in fear.

Slick trickling down the back of Atsumu's thighs, his omega was well pleased that he'd caught the attention of such a strong alpha.  "Catch me if you can," he grinned, eyes gleaming cheekily.

The growl coming from the handsome alpha running after him was much closer than he'd anticipated.  "I can, and I will."

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