(1) Facebook SETUP - DROPSHIPPING EUROPE - A THREAD after making 70 mio Euro revenue in Europe Dropshipping! Retweet and like this post and win a 60min talk for free you can ask me anything! After you did both, comment on this post „done“ 24h remaining.

(2) This will be the easiest but most valuable thread I have ever made, all the other things like shop design or product design do not really matter, if you have a winning fb campaign. This is where the money is made.

(3) Lets get into it - TBH Dropshipping to Europe is easy in terms of campaign setup, we always used this setup, we never change it, neither for countries nor for any other circumstances, it is always the same, we never change that for any market!!!!

(4) 1- Conversion Campaign, lowest cost, ALWAYS CBO! No need to explain, the moment we started CBO was gold. We usually start testing at 50 Euro per product, we only have one campaign per product per country. We always do automatic bidding lowest cost, never changed that.

(5) 2.1- Ad Set: Start with one Ad Set, ALWAYS optimised for purchases, no warm up ATC bs, FB know how to sell, always go full broad! NO TARGETING, no interests, just target the country, for a German store, target Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Always 18-65+.

(6) Pro Tip 1: For women products, only target women, for men products target BOTH genders. 2.2 Ad Set: Always go for all placements.

(7) 3.1 Ads: Creatives - we usually have 1-3 creatives per ad set, ALWAYS one collage (1:1) (one big product picture, up to three small ones), most of the time a slideshow video (1:1 as well, 1 sec per product picture, just a row of all the product pictures you have)

(8) sometimes a single picture (only if you think the pic is nice but it is not possible to integrate to the collage), usually the collage is king for us.

(9) 3.2 Ads: Text - bro we keep it simple, one line description, try to use 3-4 nice keywords, second line “Buy here - shortened link to the products, one smiley, done.

(10) 3.3 Ads: Title and description: Title we usually go for “free shipping in the native lang. of course” with a smiley, description we do not write anything.

(11) Pro Tip 2: change the background of all ad creatives with canva, to let your ad look unique. Bro that’s the setup, you don’t need anything beside that to test man! Now lets get into scaling:

(12) 1- SCALE: It is easy, if the product is profitable with the REAL STORE ROAS(as you only have one camp per product, we take the whole rev of the product to check the real roas, yeah there might be some cross buying action,but you can’t have it 100% accurate, you do not need)

(13) increase the budget, usually we go for these steps EVERY 48H, so we always look on two days of spending and therefore two days of real store roas! Whether a product is profitable or not, bro you have to do the math.

(14) Easy thing, we usually take these steps every 48h: 50 to 100, 100 to 200, 200 to 500, 500 to 1000, 1000 to 2000, 2000 to 5000, 5000 to 7000, 7000 to 9000. Disclaimer: the highest spend for a single product daily was 9000.

(15) How do you evaluate if you increase or decrease the budget? Bro do your math, is the ABSOLUTE PROFIT higher than with the spend of ad budget step before - yes, increase, no go back to the lower level. Do your math again. Roas is only as important as your profit allows.

(16) Lets do an example. You run 50 euro camp and do 200 in rev, profit 100 Euro, increase the budget after two days, 100 euro spend, 400 in rev, 200 profit, great, increase again, 200 euro spend, 400 euro rev, 100 euro profit, bad, go back to 100 euro, and look again after 48h.

(17) just try to find the sweet spot for the most ABSOLUTE PROFIT! ROAS is relative, because it is always connected to your profit margin before ad spend! We always try to keep COGs around 30%, so we know the roas we need to be profitable.

(18) The more you test, the more of the higher budgets you will have, the more money you will make, it is as easy as it sounds bro.

(19) 2- SCALE: Maybe you ask yourself, why CBO with only one ad set, relax bro, I got you, if the camp is active for at least 4 days (budget usually 100/200 Euro) we duplicate the ad set within the camp and make a retargeting ad set out of it.

(20) Therefore only change one thing, create a CA with website visitors of the products store link. Thats it, no need to do more than that, the more money will be spend in the camp in total, the more will be “moved” to the Retargeting ad set.

(21) Pro Tip 2: If you have the feeling that no new good products come up after testing for 7-10 days without an additional “winner”, do the following: duplicate a new product so that is is twice in the store, give it a slightly different name.

(22) Now run two different camps instead of one, give both campaigns 25 Euro instead of 50 Eurothe only thing you change in comparison to the above setup is, for one product only target iOS devices, for the other product only target android devices.

(23) Of course you need to do that on the ad sets within the camps. Beside that you do everything as described above. You can measure the sales even better this way, because one product “name” (v1 of the product) is only bought by iOS users, the second one only by android users.

(24) The most important way to make FB work in 2022 are agency accounts! Believe me, agency accounts aren’t all the same! We learned that the hard way, We pay a small fee to our partner we work with, they usually do not onboard Dropshippers.

(25) but we are working with them for two years now - no bans, no spending limits on the accounts, limitless ad accounts. I stopped worrying about FB in the second we started using this.

(26) We tested many agency accounts before, for these accounts we had to do some compliance stuff to get them, they are worth every penny.

(27) We are in the position to get you in here with our recommendation, this is a paid service, you pay us a one time fee, we help you with the compliance and then you pay a small fee in addition to the ad spend to the agency. If you are interested, send me a DM! 🥰

(28) Read to the end bonus: always use 1DCOV, comment if you know what it means :D One of our winner creatives:

(29) DISCLAIMER: THIS WORKS FOR US! I dont care if you are crying because it does not work for you! We use this for Europe ONLY! We are testing 500-1000 products EVERY WEEK for 3 years! Stop crying try harder. Cry for yourself. Too hard, to real?

Ah shit forgot to mention: we never duplicate campaigns! We did that in the past, doesn’t work anymore!

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