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9 types of intelligence in psychology which one do you score the highest in? =thread=

The word intelligence often brings up images of maths, science, or IQ tests. But is there only one kind of smarts? What if you're bad at math but brilliant at music?... Does that make you unintelligent?

A person can be musically intelligent, but terrible with numbers. Judging someone's intelligence by one or two factors alone is completely wrong. So psychologists consider 9 types of intelligence to help us understand ourselves better.

1. Naturalistic intelligence The ability to understand nature. Have you noticed how some people can make anything grow? Or connect with animals easily? Naturalistic intelligence describes people who enjoy being outside, nurturing, and exploring the environment.

2. Musical intelligence People with musical intelligence are generally more sensitive to sound and often pick up on noises that others would not normally be aware of. They have an excellent sense of rhythm and the ability to recognize tone and pitch.

3. Logical-mathematical intelligence Of all the types, this is the most similar to what we associate with general intelligence. People with this type of intelligence are excellent at working with numbers. They can recognize patterns easily and think in a logical manner.

4. Existential Intelligence Deeply philosophical thinkers who have the capacity to look for answers to questions bigger than themselves. They ask questions similar to "why are we here?" And, "what is the point of all this?"

5. Interpersonal intelligence Do you have a natural ability to get on well with others? Are you good at social situations? If yes, you have a high level of interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and interact with others.

6. Linguistic intelligence This involves our ability to think in words and use these words to make oneself understood. People with high linguistic intelligence are good at putting their feelings and thoughts into words so as to make others understand them.

7. Bodily–kinaesthetic intelligence People high in bodily–kinaesthetic intelligence have an excellent sense of timing and great mind-body coordination. They often take up roles in dance and sports. They use their bodies to solve problems and create something meaningful.

8. Intrapersonal intelligence If you understand your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and you're able to use this understanding in everyday life, you probably have high intra-personal intelligence. They are known as ‘self-smart" people and they are often quite shy.

9. Spatial intelligence Spatial intelligence is defined as the ability to consider things in three dimensions. People with high spatial intelligence are creative and have a vivid imagination, high artistic ability, and excellent spatial reasoning.

9 types of intelligence in psychology: 1. Naturalistic 2. Musical 3. Logical-mathematical 4. Existential 5. Interpersonal 6. Linguistic 7. Bodily–kinaesthetic 8. Intrapersonal 9. Spatial

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