Hobi’s Long Beautiful Rockstar Hair¹³⁴ 🫶😙

Hobi’s Long Beautiful Rockstar Hair¹³⁴ 🫶😙



Fire dancepractice i hope twt doesnt ruin the quality



I want to have that job to touch his face everyday 😭

🔥❤️‍🔥 The Jung Hoseok

Love this shot

I used up half of my phone memory space just taking pics and vids we aint even in D1 now what



Was so focused on getting good shots, when i looked behind me there was a loooooong line waiting for me to finish 😂😭i am sorry everyone. No one even said anything 😭


The staff was seen in the reflection 😭 gonna retake this pic when i return 😭


This looks so cool


Look at the babie it’s not yet his turn but he is so excited waiting at the side 🥺

Bring the pain ON 😭❤️‍🔥🔥

At the beginning it’s all like cute 😊 cute hobi then whiplash when Jung Hoseok takes over with the hip thrusts… okayyyyy 😩🫠🙃🫥 Dynamite dancepractice

I just know that everyone is in love with him

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