Irene Pontes Lanças 🇧🇷

Irene Pontes Lanças 🇧🇷



1/12 Britney should go back to insta & lock the comments. Ugly ass haters bullying her hard just to feel better about their ugly loser selves, yet nothing is done What is @cassiepetrey & @crowdsurf paid for? Why Sam who cares so much about his appearance & socials, doesnt help?

2/12 Why Cade now her manager who is gay & has a lot of celebs friends, isnt doing anything? Im not saying Brit has to be told what to do, but she has been w/ the same cheap team from b4 & lived in a bubble for 14y. Ofc she wont know about todays world like others in her life do

3/12 From what Brit has told herself, I doubt she wouldnt care if she saw these comments about her appearance & body. Who wouldnt? She was fatshamed by Jamie for years, couldnt eat what she wanted & even Bryan'd make comments about her body 2. These posts bring a lot of negative

4/12 to her that she doesnt need to after all she has been thru. Not only people love hating on her for everything, but the unprofessional videos w/ bad lighting & angles is also used for that. Her socials expose her a lot & after losing half of her 20s & whole 30s under a cship

5/12 its understandable if she doesnt understand socials today. Thats why she should have a professional team helping her. Shes still Britney Spears in the end of the day, shes not an up & coming singer w/ a thousand followers People are vile towards her, it has been this way

6/12 since 1998, but especially 2002 & more even 2007. In 2021 a lot of people faked empathy for likes & to pretend they cared about human rights, women & abuse victims, but now that shes free they're just showing who they always have been. I feel like a lot of haters see her as

7/12 the epitome of white privilege bc they think shes overrated. It doesnt matter if she was born into a poor abusive family & had to work hard since she was a child for her career or that she didnt have rights for 14y bc in their heads shes crazy & doesnt deserve her success

8/12 So knowing she was abused for so long & mocking her along other people make them feel better about their pathetic selves. Like seein some1 they deem as so privileged being robbed & taken advantage by everyone around her & then being endlessly bullied by media & other people

9/12 make them feel good. Britney seemed to have almost a perfect life in the beginning of her career. She was the biggest popstar of the world, no one was selling like her, she had people doing surgeries to look like her, a lot of guys wanted her. She already had +100M at 20yo

10/12 haters always felt she didnt deserve any of this, so her life falling apart is what they think she saw it coming It saddens me to see her being bullied like this & we cant fight every hater under her posts. Its tiring. Many of us dont have the patience or time for that 2

11/12 So if no one will help her w/ at least the lighting of the videos or w/ a better team, at least she could go back to insta & lock the comments. People are more cruel here bc of likes. They want a viral tweet or comment. many people here are bunch of miserable fvcks who'll

12/12 take their frustrations on any1 I dont understand what good will do to her & her image letting people to drag her 24/7 w/ nothing being done about it. If Brit sees this or even hear about it, just imagine how will make her feel. & even if she doesnt see, its still not ok

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