skts nsfw they’re away. they’re over kobe for a weird, retreat thing that meian suggested. each of them has a room all for themselves. the only thing that was asked was for them not to make /any/ noise. which is weird and extremely difficult given the circumstances+

of being one of the noisiest people in the world, except for omi. atsumu waves the rest of the guys off and closes his door, sighing and throwing himself on the bed. he closes his eyes and begins to drift off, head falling to the side when he hears a whimper. +

his eyes shoot open and he stares to the ceiling, waiting for it to happen again. “nng—fuck,” atsumu sits up on his bed and blinks a couple of times. he thinks fro a second and counts: there’s bokkun at the end of the hall, shokkun beside him, inunaki next,+

then adriah, then… no, no, it can’t be him. there’s a moan again and a little cry. “shit,” definitely kiyoomi. /not/ because atsumu knows how hes moans sound or anything like that. it’s just… he knows. he feels his own cock twitch when he hears another moan+

even louder this time. he swallows and dips his hand in his sleeping pants, feeling his soft dick growing. he gives it a couple of tugs and sighs in relief, feeling it getting harder by the second. his head rests again the wall and he can hear kiyoomi clearly now+

kiyoomi is moaning and panting, headboard barely making any sound. atsumu wonders if kiyoomi likes to rut against his pillow or if he’s jerking off properly; if he touches his nipples, pinching and throwing his head back. “ohmygod,” atsumu hears and then the headboard +

bangs agains their shared wall. atsumu’s now pulling on his cock like a sick man, precum stain at the front of his pants. atsumu groans loudly when he twists his fist just right, he moans a little after and keeps jerking off. “atsumu…” kiyoomi moans out. +

he. is. moaning. his. name. what the fuck? “a-atsumu, ugh,” he hears again and feels his dick getting even harder than before. atsumu wants to praise him and tell him to keep moaning his name but it would be weird saying that to a wall. atsumu’s hand moves fast+

fisting deliciously hard around his cock and it makes him hiss, moan, cry. and then it hits him: if he can hear kiyoomi, kiyoomi can hear him. “fuck,” he says, louder that before. “omi, fuck,” a moan is cut in half, room falling silent. and now atsumu can’t stop*

“don’t stop, ugh,” he doesn’t know if he’s saying that to omi or to himself. but it works both ways because soon after, he hears the headboard smacking his wall. “‘m gonna come,” kiyoomi whispers but atsumu can still hear it. “fuck, im gonna come,” atsumu says out loud*

kiyoomi moans loud, atsumu’s name falling from his lips. atsumu whimpers and grunts before spilling into his pants. his phone lights up a few moments after, letting atsumu know kiyoomi is calling. he swallows and waits before answering. “yeah?” “can you,” he sounds+

breathless. “can you come over,” atsumu nods, realizing kiyoomi can’t see him. “door’s unlocked,” he says and ends the call. atsumu scrambles off the bed, not putting on a shirt or changing his pants. ////

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