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Targeting the right audiences can get you 10x or more ROI on Google Ads. Targeting the wrong audiences can make you bleed cash until you run out of it. Here are the top 5 audience types you need to consider: 🧵

1. Top Locations There’s a good chance that certain countries perform better than others for your store. Experiment with running ads just to those countries. You can also do this on a smaller scale with regions and cities within countries.

2. Website Visitors Retargeting ads tend to get higher ROAS than cold ads. Set up tracking so you know who is visiting your site. Then run ads specifically crafted for people who are familiar with your brand.

3. Specific Page Visitors You can take website visitor targeting even further. An example is targeting people who visited the cart or checkout pages but didn’t check out. Again, set up your targeting correctly, and you can do this.

4. Former Customers Unless your offer lends itself to only being bought once, advertising to former customers is a good idea. This is especially true for people who have bought twice before and for stores with consumable products.

5. Similar Audiences This is Google’s version of lookalike audiences on Facebook. The most common one to do it for is former customers. Use existing analytics and/or upload a customer list, then create a similar audience and start selling.

Here those are one more time: 1. Top locations 2. Website visitors 3. Specific page visitors 4. Former customers 5. Similar audiences There are many other options, but those have gotten the best ROAS for me. Start there then expand later.

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