people who want children want continuity. they want to be able to see themselves in their children. the only ppl who dont want continuity are youth who dont know anything and childless revolutionary degenerates like che. everyone shd know this. its not just communist revolution

that destroys continuity, capitalism and techno worship also destroys continuity. change shd happen so slow that atleast 4 generations shd have something that binds them. youth on trad twitter who are veering towards first worldness and hi tech and colonizing mars shd remember

that all of this may be the signs of an advanced civilization but they are also signs of a civilization that has entered the stage of self-cannibalization. rapid change and fetishization of change means you are eating your own heart. any human activity that destroys continuity

& in fact acts purposefully against continuity is against children & parenthood & is therefore against civilization itself. the only way they can maintain their civilization is by importing real humans from other still alive civilizations & by creating androids to self-represent.

better 2 avoid.

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