Grandson Of Finn

Grandson Of Finn



From STJ Telegram. The Irish have more Steppe ancestry than any other race in Europe, including Swedes. Gaels are quite literally Scythians, in every sense of the word.

Our two oceans have kept invaders and racial mongrels out of Ireland for 4000 years, let's keep it that way.

The connection is that the written history of our race explicitly states that we descend from a King of Scythia named Fenius Farsaidh, came through Thrace and Central Europe, before settling in Ireland. This ancient account is confirmed by science.

Why is there a Celtic speaking Scoti people, a German speaking Saxon people, an Iranic speaking Skuthoi people, and an Indic speaking Shakya people, (all of which are cognates) if they aren't all branches of the same ancient clan?

The Iranic Skuthoi are gone, the Saxons are arguably still around, and the Scoti are still here in Ireland. Gaels are the last surviving branch of the Scythian tribe.

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