👑Two of Twelve👑

👑Two of Twelve👑



Young men: I’ve walked through hell & made it through the other side so you don’t have to Here are the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned in my time to save you years of frustration, heartache, & disappointment:

1) The greatest advantage you can give yourself in life is to NEVER quit. 2) Smile when you face adversity. The Devil doesn’t waste his ammo on those he doesn’t fear.

3) What you tell yourself about yourself in the present determines how your life will look in the future. 4) Always take ownership. Even if it’s not your fault.. it’s your fault. Understand?

5) Don’t chase shiny objects. When faced with unlimited options, at some point you have to commit. 6) Take care of your body. No matter where you go or who you become, it is your greatest asset.

7) When it comes to people, choose quality over quantity. A few good men can accomplish anything. 8) It’s not your friends’ job to make you happy. It’s not a woman’s job to make you happy. It’s your job & yours alone.

9) Develop ironclad discipline. Motivation comes & goes. 10) Always take pride in your environment. Whether it’s a penthouse or a dorm-room, create a space you can thrive in.

11) Understand opportunity cost. Just because it’s cheaper… doesn’t mean it’s cheaper. 12) Don’t grow old without knowing what it feels like to go all in on yourself.

13) Speak your mind. A little piece of you dies whenever you silence your inner truth. 14) When you see someone winning, picture yourself. You create success in your mind before it manifests in the physical world.

15) Trust your intuition. Don’t discredit generations of ancestral wisdom & gut instinct. 16) Crush your procrastination. If you have to do something you don’t want to do, suffer now & get it over with.

17) Don’t wait until you feel “ready” to start something. Take action now & you’ll figure it out. Gas pedal. 18) You don’t always owe an explanation. This is YOUR life.

19) Choose your partner wisely. A woman can be your greatest asset or your greatest downfall. 20) Be wary of the herd. If everyone else is saying & doing it, proceed with caution.

21) Manage your emotions. Feeling any particular emotion is fine as long as you control them & not vice versa. 22) Create a symbiotic relationship between your entertainment & your education. Binge watching Netflix likely won’t get you where you want to go.

23) Stop working to beat others. Work to beat yesterdays version of you. 24) Forgive others even if you feel they don’t deserve it. A grudge is a heavy weight to carry.

25) Your inputs will ultimately determine your outputs. Be intentional of everything you let in. 26) Count your blessings constantly. Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness.

27) Visualize what you want your future to look like. You can’t hit the target if you aren’t aiming at it. 28) Build cool hobbies & skillsets. Getting drunk every weekend is lame.

29) Make your mind into a fortress. If no silver lining exists, create one. 30) Pick up a martial art. Everyone should know the basics of self defense.

31) Don’t let politics bog you down. Control what you can control at your level. 32) Success is less about avoiding failure altogether & more about getting back on track quickly when you do slip up.

33) If you don’t know a high paying skill, you need to learn one ASAP. 34) Your current position in life is determined by every action YOU have taken up until this point. Adjust accordingly.

35) Your quality of sleep determines your quality of life. Prioritize sleep.. no late night phone scrolling. 36) Don’t sell yourself short. You are capable of literally ANYTHING if you put your mind to it & consistently take action.

37) Don’t take advice from anyone you aren’t seeking to emulate. 38) Pay other people to save you time. You can always make your money back.

39) Make sure you get daily sun exposure. We are largely solar powered creatures. 40) If you don’t like something about your life, change it now. Don’t wait 5-10 years.

41) Confidence will come when you put the work in consistently to become a better man. Lack of confidence usually comes from legitimate shortcomings. 42) Don’t let the “rules” hold you back. Palm your nuts & go for whatever you want. Warpath.

43) Seek the approval of no man, only that of God. 44) Psychotic self-belief & pure will-power will take you further than mere intelligence ever dreamed of.

45) Don’t take your loved ones for granted. You never know when the last time you see them will be. 46) Don’t buy into the doom & gloom. There is unique opportunity in this moment. There’s a reason you are living during this time.

47) It’s okay to be polarizing. The truth has become controversial, speaking it will be met with resistance. Stand your ground. 48) Be mindful of what kind of energy you give off. Energy attracts energy. Create the right kind of snowball effect.

49) Focus on the work that noticeably moves the needle. Better to do 1 thing really well than 100 things poorly. 50) As a man, you have to get results. At some point, no one cares about your potential anymore.

51) Solitude is good for the soul. Give the voice in your head his chance to speak. 52) They younger you start, the easier it will be. This applies to business, investing, fitness, martial arts, etc.

53) Don’t chase women. Focus on building a beautiful garden.. the butterflies will come. 54) Miss someone? Call. Wanna see someone? Invite. Questions? Ask. Feel misunderstood? Explain. Like something? Say it. Dislike something? Say it. Want something? Ask. K.I.S.S.

In conclusion, avoid learning the hard way when you can learn from my mistakes. Follow these tips & you’re sure to be successful 🙏🏻

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