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○It's just don't phase me at all○ Jxxng closed his eyes, he was tired and the lump of his throat didn't disappear even if he tried to be the most comprehensive person in the whole earth. He was a toy for S3xnghwx, and he agreed to be for years but his heart got hurt

through the time, and even if he knew he was the favourite of hwx, he never stood a chance in his heart. At the end, they never even had the talk of being more than something with benefits, because they weren't even friends. Hwx made it clear, he didn't want Jxxng to mingle

with him in any other way that wasn't him on his bed. And he blindly waited for the other to fall in love with him, but it never happened. Hwx was one of the most gorgeous people in their city, and everyone wanted him and he as well craved their attention.

Why would he just be stuck with one person that couldn't give him what a mass of people could? Jxxng couldn't even be jealous, he knew what was he getting into and it only broke more his heart. He could see how genuine Hwx was with his friends and close people, and he craved

it. But he was in the shadows, waiting for him as a dog waiting for his owner, without being able to talk about it with his friends because he was afraid Hwx would get mad and just leave him alone in his cold bed but this time, forever. That's why he left before it could be

worse. He left just leaving a tiny note \I don't think you'll notice that I left, but if you did; I'm sorry, I'm not longer willing to satisfy your ego. My heart can get hurt./ He laid down on his couch putting his arm over his eyes, he knew it was his only option but it hurt.

June, July, August, September passed and he didn't have any news about Hwx, so after crying and trying to focus on himself and what he wanted, he finally was the old Jxxng that he way back lost. But in October, he didn't expect to find Hwx on his door crying asking for him

back, saying that he now was feeling empty without him. But Jxxng knew better, and he was sure that Hwx failed to find a recurrent person that could stand all of that behaviour. "At first I thought it was my fault that everything was happening,

but now it doesn't phase me at all," Jxxng muttered. "You need self love S3xnghwx, people are not a thing to use and throw away when you don't need them, and they aren't meant to make you feel full." He grabbed his hand. "You need to be away from all this weird fame

to heal. Because there is no way you miss me when I was just in your bed." "But Jxxng... I... you were the only the..." He sobbed closing his eyes. "You have wonderful people that love you, I promise to you that you don't need me, I can't provide what you need." Jxxng smiled

with a hint of sadness. "You don't even know my last name, how would you be sure that I can for sure help you." "You always listened to me," said the other as if it was obvious. "Yes, but you never let me say what I thought, and that's not what you need." Jxxng let go of

his hand. "And I ever was that person for you." Hwx closed his eyes. "I... I think I fell for you." Jxxng blinked his tears away. "You don't, Hwx," He sighed. "And even if you did... I don't feel any longer something for you... I'm sorry." He looked at the face that

used to take his breath away, and careful he wiped the other tears. "I'll call Wxx to pick you up, and I'll explain him, okay?" Hwx nodded trying to not cry even more at Jxxng's words. At the end of the day, he always knew that probably Jxxng was hurting but

he took him for granted, and now he wouldn't had to accept that he lost the only one who treated him as someone and not only lusted for him...

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