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Young men, society is failing you. This is what you can do about it ;

1) Your primal fuel, the lifeblood to your drive, the source of your manhood, testosterone is declining every year. You absolutely are NOT the man your father was. Obesity, poor lifestyle choices and a rigged system is keeping you docile and weak. Reject this. Reclaim your fire.

2) Masculinity as a trait is branded as toxic. Displaying signs of competence, leadership, authority, righteousness and critical thinking is a one way ticket to be boxed in as 'one of those men'. Refuse and you are branded as having a fragile ego or fragile masculinity

3) The shifting of narratives has young minds confused and left stranded. If you are old enough to understand the changing narratives, you owe the truth to younger minds. Save them from this psyop of deception where masculinity is demonized and weakness glorified.

4) All hierarchies are branded evil. If a competent man is at the pinnacle of his hierarchy he is slandered with allegations of brute force. Meritocracy has lost its voice. You either are privileged or you are lucky. Never competent. The world of men is built on competence.

5) The male brotherhood is frowned upon. Men work, build and thrive in tribes. Now, men are totally isolated detached from one another, no sense of community, crippling anxiety and stress due to rising cost of living. Loneliness is eating into young men. Brothers, find a tribe.

6) The ancient unspoken rule of having a purpose — being a warrior, a leader, or breadwinner is non existent. Impressionable minds experience a “purpose void,” feeling alienated and withdrawn. Immediately looking for vices to fill this void. Instant gratification is rampant

7) Male virtues of honor, valor, integrity are being sold off to Marvel movies. They remain non existent in real life. There is no honor anymore. There is no integrity. Men lusting after another man's wife, men cheating and backstabbing a sworn brother. Hedonism is divinity now

8) The father's role as the head of the family has been killed. The state isolated man from his children. Marriage, divorce, childcare laws are blatantly in favor of women. A woman is innocent until proven guilty. A man is guilty until proven innocent. Perception is skewed.

9) Record men have mental health issues. More males commit suicides than females, male mental health has been largely neglected and grossly undervalued. Who is to blame here? Society as a whole. We are so engrossed in us vs them that we forget we are both on the same team

10) Man’s innate nature “Masculinity” is labelled as toxic, and he’s groomed to be everything opposite of his true self - to be feminine, just be yourself and not be better, shut down your competitive spirit, be a nice guy than be an achiever. Mediocrity is celebrated.

11) You are kept tame and harmless on purpose. You are given an abundance of pornography to keep you docile and distracted. You are fed garbage to tarnish your true physical potential, you are told to embrace promiscuity to break down the integrity of a healthy family. Traitors.

12) You are fragile because you are made to be so. The essence of a man is to be an oak in the storm. Unflinching. A reservoir of courage and strength for your loved ones to lean on. Instead you are a quivering mess of triggers and need safe spaces to soothe your fragility

13) The innate behaviour of young boys is to explore the world, take risks, play around, climb tress, wrestle. Not to sit in a class for 8 hours, listening to a drone on autopilot who only cares about the paycheck. Its no wonder so many of them are diagnosed with ADHD

14) The food you eat is highly processed and loaded with hormones and chemicals that decrease testosterone and increase estrogen. You are fed lies about seed oils and meat. You are forced to encourage alternative lifestyle choices as the gospel ie vegans

15) Domestic Abuse Against Men is never spoken about. In the UK, 44 per cent of domestic abuse victims are male, while more married men suffer abuse at the hands of their spouse than married women. Abuse against women is constantly broadcast but the other is a complete non-issue.

16) The very establishments that stand to uphold the truth have failed men. Men only receive custody of their children in 18% of divorce cases in the United States, leaving their children to be raised primarily by women. The cycle of fatherlessness is never broken

17) Brother..As a young man reading this, do not think of this thread as a doomsday warning, it is not. This is a metaphorical call to arms for you. The game is severely rigged against you and the only way forward is.. Individual / personal responsibility.

18) Understand this, nobody is coming to save you. Your failure will just be another page in the book of history as a failed attempt. Stop living your life as a spectator. Take the bull by the horns and get to work. Make an objective assesment, what do you need to fix?

19) Walk the road of mastery. Strive for dominance over your physical, synergy with your mental and acceptance over your emotional faculties. How your life turns out is a product of what you do everyday. Fight those habits that do not serve you. Reject weakness. Transform.

How? By getting out of habit loops, eliminating poor choices and building systems that power you to victory. DM 'Coaching' and let's have a conversation about your life. I am looking for men who are serious and want to take the journey of transformation.

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