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#miyacest #osaatsu | nsfw, omegaverse, implied underage | day 3: bonding #miyacestober2022 For as long as anyone can remember, both Atsumu and Osamu have smelled like honey swirled in green tea.

Their peers have written it off as another odd thing about the twins. The Miyas were a strange pair, anyway, and their status as celebrity athletes had made them almost untouchable, so people would rather not speculate as to why their respective scents were indistinguishable.

When friends would ask, they would say it’s because of how much time they spend together. They were practically in each other’s spaces every hour of every day. Their scents ought to mingle because of that.

It’s not entirely a lie. They do spend a lot of time together. But how they smell is totally unrelated to that.

The truth is, the twins have been bonded to each other since the first time they kissed on Osamu’s bunk, poorly mimicking what they had seen two actors do in some raunchy film they borrowed from a friend.

And each time they kissed, each time their tongues slid into each other’s hot and wet mouths, each time their hands wandered and stroked each other’s cocks to climax, the bond grew stronger and stronger.

Eventually, their grandmother sat them down and explained to them what had happened. “This could be a problem,” she said, “but bonds like this aren’t as uncommon as you might think. Just be cautious.” The twins took her warning as her blessing.

That night, Atsumu went into heat and Osamu went into rut. That night, Osamu fucked Atsumu so full of cum that, if he had a pussy, Atsumu would have surely gotten pregnant. That night, Atsumu and Osamu went from being brothers to being fully fledged bondmates.

So, their scent? It’s because they’re bonded, and it’s because they’re bonded that Osamu fucks and knots and breeds Atsumu every chance he gets. That Atsumu has to wear pads from time to time because he’s always so wet from slick and cum.

And you know what? They wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You two must be very close, then,” people would often remark after learning about their scent. Atsumu and Osamu would chuckle and share meaningful smiles. “Yeah. Yeah, we are.”

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