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🔶💧🔞 #ZhongChi #rissa18 Childe has a 🐱🌸 & mild🩸 "...So you refuse?" "Yes." "But you can't though?? I'm the grim reaper, you can't just say you don't want to die and kick me out the door!" This mortal has got to be one of the most peculiar one he has met.

"But I do not want to die at the moment, so please come back at a later date, when I might reconsider your proposal." Childe cannot believe his ears. "Bro, that is NOT how this works! You have to die today!" He wracks his brain, trying his best to find a way to explain things.

"But I do not want to at the moment." "That's not-Archons, that is not how death works!" He is running out of ideas, "I'm supposed to bring you back today whether you want to or not!" The chain on his scythe jingled when he moved it to one hand.

Wait. Why is he even having this conversation? He can just slice the man in half and take his soul. Except, "Why...are you..." He is running out of his breath, "So damn strong!" His scythe thunk to the floor loudly, it slipping off the mortal's grip.

The mortal only stopped his scythe with two of his fingers. And here he was priding on his strength, not that it matters when the mortal didn't even look as if he broke a sweat. "Come on man, you're making my job hard here." He sighed, crouching on the floor,

Inspecting just how deep his scythe sunk into the floor. "You do not need to do it. Simply go home, take a bath and have some rest." He looks up to see amber eyes that are trained on the newspaper. "I can't do that! I'm supposed to bring you back with me!"

He feels like a broken record, repeating things he already said again and again. That was when as if he remembered something, "Hey, you don't want to die yet right?" He dusted off his pants, "Yes, I do not want to at the moment." The mortal nod nonchalantly.

"Make a contract with me." "Pardon?" With a snap of his fingers, a paper manifested in front of him, "A contract. In exchange for your soul, I get to take your firstborn's soul. How's that?" Amber eyes scan over the words written on the paper.

"You won't die, and I get to finish my job! Win-win right?" The man look like most grown-ups would, surely he already has a child. "So, will you sign the contract, mortal?" He offers the man a pitch-black pen. The mortal without hesitation took it and signed the papers.

"Excellent! Now if you would so kindly tell me where your firstborn is-" "I have no children." "...What?" Did he just got scammed? "Fine, you can go and make one," Warmth spread on his cheeks, "I'll come back in-" "When do we start?"

"...W-What?" Did his ear just malfunction? "I said," In the blink of an eye, the mortal is over him, pushing him back to the sofa. Sharp amber eyes that seem to glow under the moonlight pin him in his spot. "When do we start, Childe?"

Hands roam his figure, teeth mark his skin. It all happened too fast. Before he even knew it, they already moved to the bed. "H-Hey! W-Wait! It doesn't need to be with me!" He muffled a moan when a knee grinds between his legs.

Pleasure rolled in waves from his core, sending shivers down his toes, "I know, but I quite fancy you." Fingers interlaced with his own, pulling his hand away, "You are adorable." Lips claim his own, a tongue larger than he thought humanly possible roamed his mouth.

"I-I'm a man! I can't get pregnant!" A lie if he is being honest, since his breed can carry children. "Really? What lies here," A gasp escaped his lips when he feels a hand over his pussy, stroking it from his pants. A lewd squelch bounced off the walls.

Since when did he get that wet? "Seem to tell me you can bear children." The amusement in amber eyes is as clear as the moonlight illuminating the dimly lit room. "Won't you bear my child? For the contract." Teeth too sharp to be a human's mark his neck.

The hand assaulting his pussy leaves, instead choosing to slip inside his pants. Stroking him at the spots that wrung out a loud mewl from his throat. "I don't need to search for a partner," Too lost in his pleasure,

he didn't register that his pants are pulled off and tossed to the side. "And you could see for yourself and experience yourself the progress of my firstborn." Childe only snapped back to reality when he feels a hot and thick rod pressing on his entrance.

Looking down, he spots the mortal's cock, larger than the average cock size, "What say you?" Yet instead of entering him, the mortal stalled in his action. Questioning him, as if asking for his consent.

Laughter bubbled up from his throat. "You're a pretty funny one you know, mortal? Most wouldn't ask us for our consent." A bittersweet smile etched itself on his lips, grim reapers aren't seen as good omens after all.

"Really? I don't see why I shouldn't ask for your permission, after all, you are going to bear a child. It is no easy feat." He hitched his breath when he feels the cock pressed on his entrance twitch violently. "You're right...but it's not like we have a choice."

He shrugged nonchalantly, "And now I'm giving you one. Will you bear my child?" It is new, to be given a choice for once. "Sure." He wounds his legs around the mortal's hips, pushing him to breach his entrance.

"I'll bear your child, mortal." His eyes shut in the new feeling, the cock spearing him open is a foreign feeling for him, "Call me by my name, Childe." Teeth nibbled at his ear shell, eliciting a moan out his lips.

"Z-Zhongli..." "Again." "Zhong..li.." His mind grew more muddled the deeper Zhongli went. "One more." "Zhongli.." Lips claim his own as the mortal snapped his hips, burying himself deep inside him.

A pained yowl left his lips, yet the searing pain last briefly, the feeling overridden with pleasure when Zhongli rolled his hips, "Oh my." He cracked an eye open to see why the mortal didn't continue.

Amber eyes filled with amusement are trained lower, to be precise, where his pussy is in. A finger lightly caressed the rim of his pussy, bringing it up between them, he could see bright red staining Zhongli's pale skin.

"A virgin?" The warmth on his cheeks instantly increased in temperature. He felt as if he is cooked alive, "Adorable." He could /hear/ the amusement in Zhongli's voice. "It seems I underestimated how adorable you could be."

A lewd moan wrung out his lips when Zhongli rolled his hips, sending shocks of pleasure up his spine. "Truly adorable." Lips claim him again, Zhongli set a pace, pushing in and out of him at a steady pace.

The delicious contractions of his walls around the cock reaching spots deep enough to nudge at his womb sent his mind to a state of euphoria. The steady pace soon picked up as Zhongli thoroughly pounded into him. Hitting all the spots that made him scream in pleasure.

Tears roll down his cheeks from the overwhelming pleasure, droll trickling down the side of his mouth, his pussy clenched around the cock that only grew larger every time it pulled out. Each thrust is always met with new depths Zhongli's cock can reach,

Spearing him open, pushing deep into his crevices, past his cervix and into his womb. "You seem to enjoy this Childe." Gibberish left his lips. What did he want to say? His ability to speak is taken away from the immense pleasure pulsing in his core. "Too much perhaps."

What can he say? It is his first time experiencing an overload of pleasure. "Nevertheless, you still look beautiful, no matter how lost you are in your arousal." He arched his back when fingers pulled at his clit.

"Ah~ no, please-" He raked his nails down a sturdy back, his toes curled and uncurled, "It's too much." A sob of pleasure left his lips, a finger swiped at a tear running down his cheeks. "Shall I stop then?" The fingers toying with his clit withdraw.

A whine of protest instantly left his lips, "N-No..." He juts his hips forward, and as a result, Zhongli's cock pushed deeper inside him, nudging the inner layer of his womb. Archons Zhongli is so deep inside him it could not go any deeper.

"Of course Childe." A chuckle of mirth left Zhongli's lips as deft fingers played with his clit once more, expert hips push and pull out of him. Making him lose all sense of thinking once more. Before he could register it, he is cumming,

his thighs are shaking, his toes are curled, his eyes are blown wide, a sob escaped his lips as tears roll down his cheeks, squirting his juice and coating Zhongli's hand with his slick.

The vice grip his pussy has over the cock buried deep inside his womb wrung out a gasp from Zhongli, hot liquid filling him to the brim. He greedily grappled for air, inhaling and exhaling as much as he could. His mindblowing orgasm slowly returned his sense of thinking.

Zhongli too was out of breath, leaning on his shoulder as the mortal caught his breath. It is only after five minutes and perhaps, even more, has passed that he decided to ask. "Do mortals cum this much?" Even as he is speaking,

He can still feel the hot cum filling his every nook and cranny. "Ah, I forgot to tell you it seems." If he was standing, his jaw would have fallen to the floor. Molten gold horns adorned Zhongli's head, a similarly colored tail sprouted from the supposed mortal's back.

"I am Morax, the current demon king." Glowing amber eyes stare back at him "You're joking." "I am not, why would I?" Maybe it is all just a dream then. "It is not a dream, this is reality." Did he just slept with the demon king? "Why didn't you tell me?!"

A whine left his lips, he felt every ounce of stupidity resting on his shoulders. "You didn't ask." He shot an incredulous stare at the demon king. "Ah forget it," It's not like he had a bad time anyway. "If you're the demon king then I don't need to collect your soul."

He covers his eyes with a hand, "Why are you even on my list??" He doesn't understand, if Zhongli- or Morax, is not even human, he shouldn't have even been on the list. "Because I have resided in the mortal realm for quite some time now." Amber eyes stare far away,

Perhaps counting the time the demon king has passed in the mortal realm. "That makes sense..." A sigh left his lips, "Then why didn't you told me that in the first place?" "Because I wanted to see how you would react." He felt like he wanted to facepalm.

"What are you even doing in the mortal realm?" Isn't a demon king should be in the demon realm to rule over it? "I am on a search for a queen." He blinked, finding himself dumbfounded, "A queen?" Morax nod.

"I went through many different realms to find a queen." A finger swiped at his cheek, "Oh, well, good luck finding one." He pushed the man to a sitting position, slowly pulling away from the cock that has stopped depositing seed inside him.

"My search stops today," A hand wrapped around his wrist, pulling him to sit on Morax's lap, "Because I already found my queen." His cheeks instantly grew warm when he understood what the demon king meant. "M-Me? Your queen?" Morax nods, "W-Why?"

"Because you bear my child." A hand rest on his abdomen, "And I am responsible for taking care of you, as the mother of my child." He is left speechless. "And also because I quite fancy you, Childe." Lips claim his own. "Or should I say Ajax?"

"How..." "The moment we signed a contract, I found out your real name." Never would he have guessed his contract would have led him to bare his cards. It seems he had always been in Morax's hand. "This is all so unexpected." He sighed, "I apologize for not telling you of-

it earlier." Guilt fills amber eyes, "It's fine, I quite fancy you too." He hummed, roaming his hands across the other's chest, feeling how sturdy it felt. "So shall I take it that you are willing to be my queen?" He can hear an expectant tone in Morax's voice.

"Hm, you need to explain things to the mother grim reaper though." A smile etched itself on Morax's lips, "Do not worry, I will Ajax." And thus Ajax's life as a grim reaper ends and begun anew his life as Morax's queen and a mother. Happy end? Perhaps, either way,

He is not complaining.

END. I literally just saw a scythe and go "grim reaper childe" and thus this fic is born. Yeah I know I'm late on the halloween stuff but hey, better late then never haha

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