Everyone has fancy ideas about gardening/farming/homesteading. I got into gardening about 12 years ago. Some thoughts...

It isn't completely about aesthetics, but it definitely is to some degree. It's beautiful to live next to growing food.

I don't care about "what is the best way to feed the nation" or "how can we live sustainably" It's a collectivist way of thinking. I don't pretend to know or care about what's best for other people.

This argument, "Why would I spend a few hours each week working to grow veg when I could work and make way more money than the veg is worth?" I've heard it at least a dozen times. If that's how you think, Bless your heart.

Greenhouses are cool, animals are also cool. Soil smells good too.

Home grown anything is better than store bought, de facto. Taste, color, texture.

Farmer's markets are kinda lame. I could never afford the prices, so I grew my own instead. It's not their fault really. They have to make a lot more from each item because our food system has become so large and cheap to grow veg.

Agri-chemicals are horrendous. Part of the soy-ification of men. They destroy nature too.

It's really pleasant to be out in the sunshine tending to your crops and enjoying a cold beverage.

You can't depend on food being in the stores. Don't you remember covid? But, hopefully, you can count on yourself at least.

Farm animals deserve to live happy lives as close to their own nature as possible. It truly is cruel how industry treats living beings. And killing your own dinner teaches important lessons, mostly gratitude.

Having something of value (raspberries, chicken, eggs, tomatoes, pork, etc) means you have something to give/trade to your friends and family. It doesn't hit the same way as having cash. People like it when you hand them pork steaks for no reason other than, b/c I felt like it.

I think the world is going to shit and there's really no way to claw it back, but in the long run we will all be ok. It takes ppl who can find a way to survive anyway.

I call myself a "homesteader" in my bio, but idk what that really means to ppl. To me it just means that I try to grow and raise as much food as possible for myself and I don't make an income from it. If it were my full time job I would be a "farmer"

Some ppl are "preppers" and they stock up on years worth of goods and ammo, but they don't have a system that would work for them in the long run. I think that's silly. Better to live now. Build a system that works indefinitely and be a good neighbor. (But be careful!)

No better feeling than eating an entire meal that was grown on your land.

Food, water, shelter, energy. Everything else is cherry on top.

At some point you have to grow up and become an adult. Part of that means taking extreme responsibility for yourself and your family.

I do it because I like to. Simple as.

Mine too

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