I made $12,000 online last month. I’m just 20, here’s how I did it:

12 months ago, I was introduced to the idea of building products with Notion. Back then, I only thought knew Notion as a note-taking software.

I watched tons of videos, and joined communities related to Notion. I worked on my first project to build a Notion dashboard to keep track of my finances.

From this single project, I learn a lot more of the advanced features of Notion. If you want to learn and master a skill, start doing and building projects.

Later, I came to the idea of building in public on Twitter. I’ve seen many doing the same, and it’s really inspiring to see one go from idea to launch. I started talking about Notion and sharing my ideas on Twitter.

Notion community was really supportive. Because of this reason, it fuelled the growth of my account as I started sharing my Notion setup and pages. The unfair advantage I had was really the close knitted community of Notion users.

Secondly, I became known to the Notion community as the minimalist guy. My Notion pages does not have colourful icons, emojis or illustrations. It was simple, clear and effective.

This made me realised that the easiest way to stand out from a crowded market is to be different. So don’t afraid to be different.

One challenge with acquiring customers is building trust. I don’t have any background, testimonials to back my knowledge in Notion, neither do my products. Thus, I started sharing my templates for free.

If you’ve been curious what exactly are Notion templates, check out some of mine at

Over the next few months, I continue building more of these free templates for the Notion community. It paid off. I launched my first paid template, and made over $1000.

This was only possible because of the many weeks of building trust and audience. Still, launching my first paid template was scary. But this kickstarted the many other premium templates that came after.

With every template I build, I understood more about the software and learn to implement more effective workflows, organisations, systems and frameworks. This was what allowed me to put a higher pricing behind my products.

But how did I made $12,000 in one month? This is because I now have multiple avenues of traffic to my products. Blogs, newsletters, email list, third party marketplaces and mentions across social media.

Digital products like Notion templates are low maintenance, and can be sold an infinite times once you build it. This allowed me to scale up my revenue by putting myself on more platforms. And that is exactly what I did, and what I’m still doing.

That’s all for the thread, and I hope you learn something from this. Retweet the first to share it with someone.

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