"A convicted murderer helped wrangle terrorist killer Usman Khan to the ground on the London Bridge — but his victim’s family says he’s 'absolutely not' a hero."

"Inmate James Ford, 42, was on day release attending the same prison rehabilitation conference as Khan Friday when he intervened in the stabbing rampage that killed two and injured three others, The Independent reported."

"He is serving a life sentence in the murder of Amanda Champion, a 21-year-old woman with learning disabilities who was found strangled and with her neck slit, the outlet reported."

The Brits want all murderers to escape punishment. They released Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the two psychos who murdered James Bulger.

They're letting double murderer Colin Pitchfork out on day passes, even though he's one of the most demonic sociopaths who ever lived.

Myra Hindley almost got out, despite murdering FIVE children.

Hindley's supporters said she'd been "rehabilitated." Then her fellow murderer Ian Brady revealed that she'd been hiding TWO MORE murders.

You can drive yourself crazy thinking about the stunning indifference that the British "justice system" shows to survivors of murder. When Myra Hindley was about to get out, the brother of one of her victims said, "Let her out. I'll be waiting for her." SHOCK! OUTRAGE!

It wasn't enough for the Brits to abolish the death penalty in a frenzy of virtue signalling. They had to incrementally take it multiple steps further. At some point, they'll abolish incarceration. Watch it happen.

But British citizens want this, so they should go for it. The goal is to differentiate themselves from the US. I saw a British documentary about a prison official in Texas who witnessed 200 executions. They couldn't believe that he wasn't wracked with guilt.

Being a Texan, he kept setting them up. He took them out to the prison graveyard and showed them the headstone of the prisoner he'd gotten to know the best. "What would you say to him now if he were here?" they asked. He smiled. "Rot in hell, motherf*cker."

The British attitude toward crime reminds me of what a guy said about his parents. His parents were hippies. The guy grew up on a commune. He said, "They were so concerned about how the world raised children that they had no time for their own children."

The British are so obsessed with American crime that they pay no attention to the inexcusable abuse that their "justice system" heaps on the innocent. Imagine losing your child to murder, and then these bland bureaucrats let the guy out.

I've seen interviews, and the bureaucrats don't even listen. They feel nothing. Except for a deep, abiding love of murderers. The entire system makes lawyers, judges, and prison staff fall in love with murderers. The dead don't even exist.

But this is what the British want, so it's what they should have. Personally, I neither support nor oppose the death penalty, and I don't tell others how to feel. But I do very much oppose letting murderers out of prison.

I survived a murder attempt, so I can tell you EXACTLY how murder victims feel. If I had a magic button that would make all British "justice system" bureaucrats feel what I felt, I'd press it so hard that I'd break my finger. Then I'd laugh at them as they screamed.

But it's futile to waste time on such fantasies. The UK is doomed. British people are conflicted about success, so they've embraced total failure. That's fine. It's a country I'll never visit again. END

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