inah's a little ia

inah's a little ia



#sakuatsu // nsfw the day has long since passed when atsumu decided to entertain himself by swimming in kiyoomi's rooftop pool. his lover is still busy in his office and might come home late. some minutes later, atsumu felt the chill as he dipped his naked body in the pool.

"ah," he says, tilting his head back on the pool's edge, the water up to his chest freezing his lower body. the blonde slowly swirls the glass of tequila on his hands as his sneaky hands travel from his chest to his thighs, slightly massaging the frozen muscles.

"enjoying the water?" was what he heard, seconds later. there he saw his lover leaning on the rooftop's doorframe. "look at that body, baby. and the way the water glistens on it. do you want me to join you?" atsumu nodded almost urgently and tapped the space beside him. "come."

kiyoomi chuckled, but soon growled as he strips his office clothes beside the pool. his eyes never leaving atsumu's eyes, and body. his hands almost immediately took everything off from his body, and just leave the standing member, in between his thighs. "you enjoyed the show?"

atsumu slightly giggles, and left the glass on the edge of the pool to swim on where's kiyoomi is standing. he slowly bit his lower lip, feeling the sensation of the water on his buddy down there. he then stretched his arm, inviting kiyoomi. "love, come here now."

the water didn't even budged when kiyoomi sat down on the edge, and slowly dips himself on the pool in front of atsumu. his cold hands automatically grabs atsumu's waist, and lips gently pecked the blonde's inviting neck. his low voice then whispered, "i'm here now, my love."

"i know." atsumu then snaked his arms on his lover's strong neck, wanting to feel warm. his lips grazing the raven's jaw as he grinds their lower half. low whimpers and heavy heaves left his mouth, especially when he felt kiyoomi's fingers, grasp and felt his bum.

"it's cold," he whispered. kiyoomi nodded, and leaned his cheek on atsumu's. "let me get you warm, babe." "ah!" moaned atsumu when a cold finger slightly nudges his hole, chest heaving up and down, while his arms tightens around kiyoomi's neck. "it's cold, omi."

"hm, looks like the water would help me, huh? or don't you want to do anything here?" atsumu shakes his head. there's a certain feel about doing the deed in the water, while kiyoomi's warm body is pressed against him. it felt exciting, and he feels extremely needy right now.

"omi," he whimpers, "want your finger inside. please?" kiyoomi then giggled, but soon grunts as he slid one finger in, and grinds his member on atsumu's thighs. "yeah? it slid right in, babe. still loose from earlier?" that one finger then slid in and out, fast. "uh, hm!"

atsumu bit his lip tight as he uses the water to bounce on the finger, meeting the trust. his chilled cheeks is now flaming red, especially when a hand, grabbed his manhood and also created a friction by bouncing it on his palm. "no, no, omi! too much!" "you take it so well."

then two fingers soon joined as kiyoomi stretches his arse, and the friction on his dick doubles. atsumu can't decide which feels the best, but he knew, it felt so euphoric whenever his warm body would meet the cold water. "omi! omi! ha, close!" kiyoomi nods, "go on, love."

then, a high pitch sound came from atsumu's lips as he creamed his manhood, soiling the water. his heavy breathing were music to kiyoomi's ears as he gently kisses atsumu's lips. "had fun?" atsumu nodded, and hid his face on kiyoomi's neck. "the water's dirty now."

— FIN IM SO SORRY WHAT IS THIS 😭 this is my friends fault omg

pls just go scream at me on my cc...

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