Cloe ✨

Cloe ✨



Imagine fwb skts when Kiyoomi realizes his feelings. Omi: something is wrong, so wrong. Atsumu: what is it? Omi: I don't know??? I wanna spend time with you- Atsumu: yeah, Omi. We can spend more time together

Omi: NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!! I WANT TO DO... THINGS WITH YOU... FULLY CLOTHED... SOBER... IN DAYLIGHT HOURS! Atsumu: O...kay? Omi: i do not understand this feeling. Oh my god, it's coming! I can feel it. DO YOU WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND? Atsumu: yeah, sure!

I want to credit the tiktok, but I cannot find it!!!!!!

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